lastpass 1.29

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lastpass is a free password manager that makes your web browsing easier and more secure.


* Want to be the first to try our new Form Filling feature? Join the Pre-Build Team:
* German and Dutch translations are complete; if you're interested in helping out checkout the Internationalization forum
* URLs are now editable from the website and plugins
* Firefox UTF8 strings were not properly passing to XPCOM (XPCOM was truncating at 7bits)
* If you set Advanced Generate Password options, they become the default going forward for that machine
* The notification bar has been fixed for IE8b2
* IE plugin potential crash on resolved
* Removed LastPass from User-Agent string, X-LastPass header replaces it (and only when you're on, to keep functionality)
* IE performance issue on resolved, dealt with keyboard handling issue
* LastPass's plugin for Firefox no longer has any warnings from javascript.options.strict
* logout from the plugin created an unnecessary redirect to the homepage; resolved
* In 1.28 we tried to detect if the browser was in small icon mode, unfortunately Firefox has a bug with this on many people's computers, which falsely detects small icons -- we've made it a preference instead

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