Teen Spirit 0.95b.855

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Teen Spirit is an audio/video media player and organizer for music lovers. It categorizes the music files collection in various ways, with an easy to use, explorer-like, user interface.

New features

+ Tablature support added
+ Google Lyrics download tablatures / chords also.
+ progress bar added in tagging
+ Online History
+ Submit Game Results
+ Crash Info added
+ "Default Picture" setting added.
+ Jump +/- 5 sec added (see shortcuts)
+ Shortcuts added:
f1: focus on tree.          
Enter: Play / Back: Enqueue / Insert: Insert Random / Home: Properties
f2: focus on list.          
Enter: Play / Back: Enqueue / Home: Properties
f3: focus on Quick Search
f4: focus on playlist.      
Enter: Play / Delete: Delete / Home: Locate track
f5: focus on Info Control (if avalaible)

Global: Num5: Play-Pause / Num0: Stop / Num4: Back 5s / Num6: Forward 5s / Num 8: Previous / Num 2: Next
Add: Vol +5% / Subtract: Vol -5%
+ Native LastFM scrobbling support.

Changes - Fixes

* Add New / Update Collections at twice the speed (optimization)
* Updated Most Dialogs UI
* Database structure updated (comID,lyrID,perID, album infoID, artist infoID removed)
* Save Settings fix
* CPU FREQ by registry
* Collection - Albums mode added
* Personal Tag Write Support Removed (Not in spec)
* Crash Dialog added
* LastFM / Amazon fix for "&"
* Tablatures support added
* "Skins" / "Languages" added in the new start menu
* Crash bug fixed on LastFM Module
* Bug fixed on amazon album picture/review module. It could fail to retrieve info
* Bug fix on saving lasttraks.m3u
* TS search less frequently for already searched (and failed) images
* Fixed a load last playlist issue
* LastFM: Detect no info (add info) page
* LastFM: Download the english page if the localized is not available.
* Proper url encoding of query strings ==> better international results in GoogleLyrics / LastFM / Amazon modules
* Proper html entities replacement
* Crash bug fixed #1
* Media/Downloading animation returned in status bar
* Bug fixed on show all album images.
* When refreshing the tree control expanded state (for the selected item is remembered
* PlayList better delete handling
* Changed "Empty Database" Dialog.
* Added Option Confirmation Dialog
* Added Overload protection for servers who provide Information.
* New Local Image Storage module to avoid name conficts

0.95b Changes

* Crash on LastFM scrobbler module when playing external files
* Internal changes in the player objects
* MultiLine tooltips on player controls
* TS now reads the tags when plays a file which is not in database (coming from explorer drop or from an m3u file)
* TS now searches for a "services.user.xml" in the program folder. It may contain extra user services (XC)
* Fixed a bug in selecting the proper audio player (DShow or Bass).
* Some benchmarks have been removed so there will be one more increase in the speed of Collection Add/Update
* TS Internet connection could fail because of some large urls.
* Some more efficiency in logging user messages
* Advanced Search - Rating is working again
* Crash Bug Fixed in the way the player handles invalid files.
* PlayList now marks the invalid files as "grey" (no icon)
* Player Controls (numpad) are disabled when you are inside an edit box
* Some more logging in suspicious functions
* Better startup time (player modules are loaded at first play)

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Download: Teen Spirit 0.95b.855

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