aTunes 1.10.0

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aTunes is a full-featured audio player and manager, developed in Java programming language, so it can be executed on different platforms: Windows, Linux and Unix-like systems, ... Currently plays mp3, ogg, wma, wav, flac, mp4 and radio streaming, allowing users to easily edit tags, organize music and rip Audio CDs.

- Improved GUI performance (update to Substance 5)
- Added support for Xine (thanks to Aekold Helbrass)
- Support for Lyricsfly
- Fill podcast feed name from rss/atom feed (feature request [1993075])
- Use true full screen for full screen dialog if possible
- Right-click should not press tray buttons (feature request[1995438])
- Images can be read from and written to a tag
- Also show cover image from tag or harddisk in context information panel
- Display genre name if genre field contains a mappable number
- Added tooltip for folder nodes in navigator
- Added option to highlight folders in navigator containing incomplete tags
- Rename and refactor Audioscrobbler panel to Context information panel
- Use album artist when ordering in playlist (feature request [1997534])
- When selecting repository again, don't read again files of previous repository and refresh instead of this
- Allowed drag and drop from play list to device tree to copy files (feature request [1997528])
- Button for editing lyrics (feature request [2001975])
- Enable/Disable font smoothing option
- Added search in device and favorites
- Added cache for several devices (feature request [ 2026378 ])
- Support for Radios and Podcast feed entries connections with proxy server (without authentification)
- Added cache for several devices (feature request [ 2026378 ])
- Refresh navigator as user types in filter text field
- Added option to show/hide context tabs text
- Show track number in navigation table
- "Now playing" support for
- Improved html escaping
- Sort play list ascending or descending (feature request [ 2083814 ])
- FIX: Lyrics service should handle punctuations [1990786]
- FIX: Empty dialog could appear before the next songs begins playing
- FIX: Offer to restart when "Use default font" is changed
- FIX: Selected audioscrobbler panel is not remembered [1993084]
- FIX: setExtendedState in Linux systems does not work before setVisible (see bug report
- FIX: Statistics are not updated when option cacheFilesBeforePlaying is enabled
- FIX: NPE thrown when refreshing file info after editing tag if album artist attribute present but artist not found
- FIX: Cover not shown when title contains special symbols (bug [2001927]]
- FIX: Catch exception when file contains a ID3v1.0 tag
- FIX: Could not write to mp4 files when genre was not in genre list
- FIX: Avoid remove information from context information panel when user presses Ok button in preferences window
- FIX: Use ALT key to move songs in play list (bug [ 2020922 ])
- FIX: Fade away not working
- FIX: Status bar error when pausing during buffering (bug [ 2036625 ])
- FIX: aTunes unusable because of Autoresizing and JSplitPanes (bug [ 1952665 ])
- FIX: Window position on startup with multiple screen devices (bug [ 2007977 ])
- FIX: Use global hotkeys Interface Bug (bug [ 2083795 ])
- FIX: Wrong line terminator when saving lyrics (bug [ 2099479 ])
- INTERNAL: Switched to new api
- Swedish translation added (thanks to Tobias Järvelöv)
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