Awasu 2.3.5 Alpha 3

Posted on Thursday, November 13 2008 @ 17:00 CET by

If you're looking for something to read your favorite blogs and news channels with, Awasu offers both power and flexibility and is far and away one of your best choices.

  • Reports can now define additional template parameters.
    This allows multiple reports to share the same template file but generate different output, depending on what parameters have been defined.
  • New channel reports now come up with the correct default settings.
  • Font settings are now saved across sessions correctly.
  • Got the Channel Hooks sub-menu in the My Channels context menu going again.
  • Turned on support for sync'ing via SIAM.
    This has always been there, just disabled by default.
  • The Awasu Administration utility (admin.exe) can now delete files and settings for users.
    This means that the ResetUi.exe utility is no longer needed.
  • The Errors page in the Channel Properties dialog now has a "Validate feed" button.
  • Lots of minor UI tweaks.

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2.3.5 Alpha 3
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