DVD Profiler 3.5.0 build 1240

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DVD Profiler's unique combination of desktop application and online data access sets it apart from competing alternatives. With an enormous community of dedicated users worldwide, DVD Profiler has become most compelling source of DVD information anywhere.

  • Added configurable storage of files (reports, translations, layouts, etc), via Tools->Options->File Folders
  • Added support for custom genres. Define them via Tools->Edit Custom Genres.
  • Data Elements
    • Added support for bold and italic within overviews
    • Added Crime, Disaster genres
    • Added several additional common audio formats
    • Added several audio track and subtitle language options
    • Increased audio track limit from 8 to 16
    • Added rating details ex (Rated R for Violence)
    • Added additional studio field for media publisher
    • Added support blu-ray regions (A, B, C)
    • Added ability to generate disc IDs from Blu-ray and HD DVD discs
    • Added support for custom roles in the crew section. When custom crew is assigned, the crew lock will automatically enable
    • Custom Roles may also be assigned to override the built-in crew role types. Custom roles are not contributed, but the credit itself is
    • Added the following standard credits:
      Writing->Created By, Writing->Story By, Music->Theme By, Art->Costume Designer, Art->Make-up Artist, Art->Visual Effects, Art->Make-up Effects, Art->Creature Design
  • Box set information now downloaded when profile is added, and the program will offer to download the child profiles
  • Reports (and the new custom collection list view) can now display cast and crew photos
  • New condition for Flagged status in report editor
  • Added tool to lock items so they are not selectable in the report designer
  • Integrated the online profile links throughout the program
  • Added copy cast section, copy crew section while editing a profile (right-click divider to copy the section to the clipboard)
  • Added Paste and Append Cast/Crew option while editing a profile
  • Added ability to synchronize mobile data directly to a storage card
  • New view type for credit photos shows scrollable display of all photos for the profile
  • Multiple photos per credit are supported, allowing custom per-movie cast and crew images
  • Added a mini-browser window for profile information in the Add by Title window
  • Added option to run charts on flagged entries only
  • Users may now designate "Favorite" reports, which sort first - remaining now sort alphabetically
  • When there are flagged profiles, reports now default to 'flagged only'
  • Improved performance estimating space requirements in mobile synchronization
  • Added collection list display column for directors, sort by directors
  • Added CTRL-` (top left of std keyboard) to set current tag for current profile, select next profile
  • Discs may now be added in the personalize window, so disc locations can be set when adding profiles
  • Added cast/crew id into header vars for use in custom layouts
  • The Change UPC function can now also allows locality changes. The Change Locality menu option remains for locality-only changes.
  • Added chart for media type
  • When launching w/command file, checks first parameter for an OpenDatabase command, will load that database only
  • Genres now automatically lock only when user has changed the genres
  • If exists, automatically runs Startup.txt from command file default directory at startup (override the file with /startup parameter)
  • If exists, automatically runs Shutdown.txt from command file default directory at shutdown (override the file with the /shutdown parameter)
  • Icon now shown for pending addition in Add by Title
  • Dual-layered setting is now read automatically from disc scans
  • Added additional longer runtime filter options
  • Added command-line parameter: /skipversioncheck
  • Purchase date is now remembered between profile additions
  • Auto-converts '.' to ',' as needed in price fields for ease of price entry
  • Corrected cause of 'Index out of range' error when editing profiles
  • Switching from 'and' to 'or' in genre now updates filter correctly
  • Filter sets and/or setting is now remembered for tags tab
  • Fixed some deficiencies in the Command File processing
  • Corrected error which could cause DVD Profiler to start minimized and not restore
  • Connection errors no longer display under the 'Connecting' panel
  • Setting fill color for box in reports no longer nets access violation
  • Non-HD profiles no longer show with blu-ray banner if HD case type is selected
  • Additions from Upcoming no longer allow multiples
  • Alt-F10 will now locate a grandchild profile
  • Corrected some errors in charts, including scale for review charts

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3.5.0 build 1240
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