Backup4all 4.0 Build 120

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Backup4all is a backup software for Windows. It protects your valuable data from partial or total loss by automating tasks, password protecting and compressing it to save storage space.

  • New: Completely rewritten to allow backing up large number of files and folders with moderate resource usage
  • New: Option to archive and encrypt files individually when using mirror backup
  • New: Backup can now be paused/resumed/stopped
  • New: Backup/Restore/Test/Cleanup history
  • New: Automatic updates
  • New: Back up empty folders
  • New: The new version has a redesigned interface with a new Backup Properties section.
  • New: “Getting Started” window with shortcuts to main operations
  • New: NTFS permissions and alternate streams are now copied in mirror backups
  • New: Additional views: Backup View and Brief View
  • New: Option to password protect program interface
  • New: Set memory usage for backing up
  • New: Create and use predefined filters
  • New: Limit the number of file versions
  • New: MSI setup for automatic deployment
  • New: Added new views for the backup groups/jobs in the backup list
  • New: Search as-you-type for backup jobs/groups in backup list
  • New: Added combo-box to easily filter backup groups
  • New: Plugin manager to easily add/remove plugins
  • New: Multiple files/folders can be selected in Sources folder tree in New Backup Wizard and Backup Properties
  • New: Added icon for selected destination and selected backup type in Backup Properties
  • New: Added the possibility to see passwords while typing them
  • Update: List the file paths from destination in the test log
  • Update: Mirror backup: if a source drive is not available (network share, usb stick, ...) then the files from that drive are not excluded from backup
  • Update: Scheduler: "Abort backup when network sources are not available" option applies to all types of sources
  • Update: Updated internal CD/DVD burning engine
  • Update: Added warning on scheduling with blank passwords
  • Update: New backup group is created by default on first run
  • Update: Sources tree list resizes with window
  • Update: Mouse wheel can be used to scroll Sources tree list
  • Update: Defined folder filters now apply to full folder path too
  • Update: Plugins used in backup jobs cannot be deleted
  • Update: Main windows will remember their last size and position
  • Update: Show a message when the added plugin (*.xml) is not valid
  • Fix: Pause backup during file splitting did not work properly
  • Fix: Wrong error message generated when adding the same plugin twice
  • Fix: Save the layout of the Backup View
  • Fix: Backup execution status was not changed when warnings or errors occurred during Test
  • Fix: Bkc file was not deleted from the catalog folder if a job was deleted from interface
  • Fix: Legacy comparison criteria didn't work
  • Fix: Log folder limit did not work properly
  • Fix: Allow commas in the job and group names
  • Fix: Check for updates did not run at startup
  • Fix: Fixed creating directory structure on certain FTP servers with specific user rights
  • Fix: Backup to CD using UDF works now
  • Fix: If backup finished with errors, test will not run
  • Fix: Fixed "List index out of bounds" when using predefined backup on FTP
  • Fix: Fixed log folder size limit bug
  • Fix: Specify destination folder on install
  • Fix: User interface corrections for large fonts
  • Fix: Fixed the "Browse" buttons from Default Settings page in the installer
  • Fix: Fixed SQL error for differential backups on FTP
  • Fix: Fixed drag and drop on the Sources page in Backup Properties window
  • Fix: Fixed AV when editing the Backup View filter
  • Fix: Fixed tab key order
  • Fix: Fixed inserting tags in zip prefix
  • Fix: Fixed AV when opening a job with an already existing name
  • Fix: Fixed AV when trying to open an non-existing backup icon
  • Fix: Fixed list index out of bounds when switching Backup List to Icons view mode

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4.0 Build 120
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