MediaPortal 1.0 RC4

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MediaPortal is an Open Source application ideal for turning your PC / TV into a very advanced Media Center. MediaPortal allows you to listen to your favorite music & radio, watch and store your videos and DVDs, view, schedule and record live TV as a digital video recorder and much much more.


- 0001833: [My Music] Some performance tuning on music scan - especially with non-local files. (rtv) - resolved.
- 0001806: [Skin Engine] GUI crashes after some minutes on screens with changing pictures. (rtv) - resolved.
- 0001820: [My Music] Problems in Music DB reorg, if path name contains an underscore (hwahrmann) - resolved.
- 0001816: [general] MiniDisplay: unable to update progress bars info during stop of LiveTv or DVD (only for LCD users) (chemelli) - resolved.
- 0001813: [Skin Engine] Path check in MultiImage might produce false positives (rtv) - resolved.
- 0001247: [My TV / Recorded TV] hover icons are not hidden in video window (diehard2) - resolved.
- 0001790: [general] Changing from playback of one video file to another does not update "resume" position. (gibman) - resolved.
- 0001803: [My Videos] fadelabel center alligned renders incorrectly when text larger than width (misterd) - resolved.
- 0000949: [general] FacadeViewControl does not show maximum possible items (misterd) - resolved.
- 0001775: [My TV / Full Screen] Alert function does not work anymore (misterd) - resolved.
- 0001794: [Configuration] Grabber script files have wrong encoding after download (chefkoch) - resolved.
- 0001793: [Configuration] Editing the list of activated MovieInfoGrabbers slows down with many scripts available (chefkoch) - resolved.
- 0001784: [general] MP can't access network drive, while windows explorer can. (GhoSe) - resolved.
- 0001733: [Configuration] Plugins section needs a clean up (rtv) - resolved.
- 0001767: [Home] It should be possible to choose whether you want to see seconds or not. (rtv) - resolved.
- 0001674: [general] Wikipedia Plugin: some articles can't be displayed (Maschine) - resolved.
- 0001761: [general] MediaPortal reacts too early to the wakeup event sent by the system (Tourettes) - closed.
- 0001768: [general] Minimize to tray on GUI exit doesnt work (Vista) (Tourettes) - closed.
- 0001830: [general] Autocropper fails randomly on some older drivers in VMR9 (Seidelin) - closed.
- 0001817: [general] patch #2235078: MiniDisplay exception in iMonLCDg driver autodetect mode (chemelli) - closed.
- 0001773: [general] MiniDisplay: remove force loading as window plugin even if it's a process plugin (misterd) - closed.
- 0001762: [general] CybrDisplay needs to be "standarized" (misterd) - closed.
- 0001780: [WatchDog] WatchDog does not use the custom filename for the to export zip (flokel) - closed.
- 0001778: [Home] When you start MediaPortal the default selected item in the menu is not using the focused gfx (misterd) - closed.
- 0001787: [My TV / TVGuide] When entering TV Guide after changing the group in mini-epg, the lable in the top left shows the wrong group name (misterd) - closed.
- 0001779: [Configuration] MediaPortal ignores the "Default View" option as set in configuration.exe (misterd) - closed.
- 0001786: [Skin Engine] Nagivation is not working as expected in filmstrip view (misterd) - closed.
- 0001807: [My Music] Music Database Foreig Keys not cleaned up correctly (hwahrmann) - closed.
- 0001809: [My Pictures] GDI+ error when browsing large collection with photos (rtv) - closed.
- 0001812: [My Pictures] Thumbnail handling and Picture prefetching is annoyingly slow for high resolution pictures (rtv) - resolved.
- 0001802: [My Videos] animation effect fade for WindowClose stops fadelabels being rendered in myVideos list layout once screen exited (misterd) - closed.
- 0001788: [My Music] Sorting by Date does not work (hwahrmann) - closed.
- 0001791: [My Music] Artist Search on AllMusic does not work, if a Comma is in the name (hwahrmann) - closed.
- 0001783: [My Music] Music Views sort Field "Date" is misleading (hwahrmann) - closed.
- 0001781: [My Music] Grouping in a View on second level doesn't work for Artists (hwahrmann) - closed.
- 0001706: [Skin Engine] GUIMultiImage Bug Fix and Absolute Path Support (Tourettes) - closed.
- 0001692: [Skin Engine] Asian characters arent displayed (Vista) (Tourettes) - closed.
- 0001715: [general] CybrDisplay is not working with all IrTrans displays that wre working with the ExternalStatus plugin. (LKuech) - closed.
- 0001719: [My Music] Web requests fail behind certain proxy servers (rtv) - closed.
- 0001727: [general] The screen selector method of the new fullscreen splashscreen does not respect the "/screen=" command line option. (LKuech) - closed.
- 0001730: [My Music] Audioscrobbler does too aggressive cleanup of artist names. (rtv) - closed.
- 0001732: [Configuration] Audioscrobbler does not use the selected user for live feeds (rtv) - closed.
- 0001734: [Configuration] EVR should be the default Video Renderer under Vista (chemelli) - closed.
- 0001736: [Powerscheduler plugin] Turn Off Monitor Power Savings Options when not in Home Screen (hwahrmann) - closed.
- 0001713: [Skin Engine] Resizing MediaPortal in windowed mode is not handled correctly (Vista) (Tourettes) - closed.
- 0001738: [general] CybrDisplay does not always show the "Track Info" when the EQ is enabled. (LKuech) - closed.
- 0001745: [Skin Engine] Possible crash with asian language files in fullscreen mode (Tourettes) - closed.
- 0001709: [My Pictures] Background not correct after viewing pictures properties twice (Tourettes) - closed.
- 0001750: [general] patch #2047647 (Bug in main WndProc) (rtv) - closed.
- 0001752: [Video Editor] patch #1895145 (Sharehandling in VideoEditor improved) (rtv) - closed.
- 0001749: [Home] MediaPortal should onor regional settings for time format (chemelli) - closed.
- 0001753: [general] FullScreenSplashScreen: The "outdated skin" warning is overlayed by the splashscreen form (LKuech) - closed.
- 0001735: [Audio player] Various radio issues (rtv) - closed.
- 0001756: [Skin Engine] control.hastext does not always work (rtv) - closed.
- 0001737: [general] When using EVR mouse pointer does not auto hide anymore (misterd) - closed.
- 0001757: [general] Closing MP with CybrDisplay active will stop IRSS from working (chemelli) - closed.
- 0001764: [Skin Engine] On some systems MP gets unresponsive when opening a dialog. (rtv) - closed.
- 0001755: [Skin Engine] [B3 + B3W] Playlist screens for Video and Music are completelly empty (piba) - closed.
- 0001699: [My TV / TVGuide] Blue3: when entering TV Guide 2nd channel is always highlighted (Broceliande) - closed.
- 0001701: [My News] window closed as soon as you add a image for the news feed (misterd) - closed.
- 0001760: [general] The "Outdated skin warning" should not block the MP start. (LKuech) - closed.
- 0001543: [general] MediaPortal gets minimized to tray by pop up windows of external applications (infinityloop) - closed.
- 0001744: [My Music] Fullscreen visualization window isn't reinitialized on skin change (misterd) - closed.
- 0001747: [My Music] Fullscreen visualization is off position when calibration settings is used. (misterd) - closed.
- 0001693: [general] Some external displays don't work / some features are missing (chemelli) - closed.
- 0001748: [My Music] Visualization window has a white border (misterd) - closed.
- 0001725: [Skin Engine] Visualisation makes viz window in Now Playing screen off position when calibration settings it's used. (misterd) - closed.
- 0001740: [general] Unnecessary device lost handling when shutting down MediaPortal (Tourettes) - closed.
- 0001711: [Audio player] Problems using X-fading, with radio (hwahrmann) - closed.
- 0001698: [Configuration] the weather preview button for the sat image inside configuration throws an exception (rtv) - closed.
- 0001726: [Configuration] Double My TV & My Radio plugins under window plugins section in configuration (rtv) - closed.
- 0001718: [Configuration] Loading of plugins is very slow (rtv) - closed.
- 0001729: [general] MediaPortal does not log any detail about the graphic adapter or it's driver (rtv) - closed.
- 0001697: [Configuration] zoom modes which were dissabled in configuration are still available inside MediaPortal (gibman) - closed.
- 0001716: [Configuration] Advanced mode switch is not obvious enough (rtv) - closed.
- 0001695: [general] Normal mode aspect ratio conservation fails when using autocrop under certain conditions (Tourettes) - closed.
- 0001724: [Skin Engine] B3 skin trows a error when Now Playing it's opened (rtv) - closed.
- 0001682: [My Music] Music visualization it's off position when using UI Calibration (Tourettes) - closed.
- 0001720: [My Music] Tagreader reads unnecessary id3 frames while searching for rating (hwahrmann) - closed.
- 0001708: [Configuration] General option for Autostart MP, Always on top & disable ballon tips broken. (ronilse) - closed.

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