All My Movies 5.2 build 1275

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All My Movies™ is a personal movie database and intended for those who are tired of managing their movie collection manually or using difficult-to-use software programs. It is an easy-to-use DVD catalog program. You can use it to catalogue your personal collection of DVDs, CDs, VHS tapes, etc... You do not need to type all movie details, All My Movies™ will download all the details from the internet movie database automatically!


- added: "Genres" and "Media types" items to the "Directories" menu. They were moved from Preferences to this menu
- added: multilevel automatic backup feature
- added: when you press Enter key in the fast movie search field they are filtered by title
- added: AudioInfo field to the list of fields available to export to MS Excel
- added: an option to replace underscores with spaces while taking movie title from video file
- added: several fields has been added to the list of printable ones (custom defined fields, Total movies and MovieID)
- added: column titles corresponding to "sort by" fields are in bold font now
- added: "suggest a movie" feature - selects a random existing unseen movie for viewing. Menu item "Tools-Suggest a movie"
- fixed: import movie details from function
- fixed: search by custom fields using menu item "Tools-Movie search"
- fixed: autocrop screenshots while capture them, no more black empty stripes now
- fixed: minor improvements to thumbnails mode
- fixed: selected movies export to text(CSV)
- fixed: wrong movie select in thumbnails mode, when clicking on partially visible thumbnail
- fixed: program locking up in Thumbnails mode when some movies has no cover images attached
- fixed: movie number import from MS Excel
- fixed: episode description displaying which consists of several paragraphes
- fixed: file size and video duration summing up when adding next media using MediaInfo.dll

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5.2 build 1275
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