Simple Port Forwarding 2.3.0

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Port Forwarding Made Simple. This Program Is 100% Free.

The program now has its own website. the program is still part of it just now has its own product page. Both web sites will be linked together and be apart of each other. Having its own site will allow me to have more detailed information on the program.

The program now supports multiple languages. A small portion of the program is English only, but the main interface now supports 10 other languages.

The program can now connect to any address, which means it can now work with remote routers through their web interfeace the same way you can normally with a local router on your network. Of course you have to make sure remote management is enabled and supported by your router.

Added more script commands to support more routers.

Slowed down how fast the scripts run. On some routers the script would run too fast and cause errors with the script.

Cosmetic changes.
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Product page: here

Download: Simple Port Forwarding 2.3.0

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