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Mouse Tracks is the most cost effective solution available in the help desk & pc inventory software market. This simple yet powerful software is so straightforward that you will be creating tickets and tracking inventory items within minutes of installation. While other companies may claim to have great price-to-value ratios, we invite you to find out for yourself. Download, Install, and See what over 800 customers already know.

Major new features:

Updated Mouse Tracks Permissions
In addition to giving users access to a particular Mouse Tracks module you can now define the access level to the module. The New Access Levels available are: No Access, Restricted Access, Normal Access, and Full Access. You can also choose whether or not the Mouse Tracks User has 'Delete Permissions'. These access levels can restrict or enable whether or not a user has the rights to add records to related tables and whether or not the user can view items they do not 'own'. You are no longer faced with the choice to give a user all or nothing access to a particular Mouse Tracks module. A 'Mouse Tracks Web' Access option has also been added that allows you to grant/deny access to the web interface.

Expanded Documentation Module
The documentation module has received a major overhaul. Documents now support the attachments feature like the other Mouse Tracks modules. In addition documents can be related to any Mouse Tracks Inventory item. This allows for the powerful ability of shared documents within Mouse Tracks. For example you could now create a document record named 'HP Server Docs'. Within this record you could include a pack of electronic documents that are relevant to all servers of this type. You can then easily associate this document record with all of your HP Servers. The documents module has still maintained its prior abilities to track items such as books, training materials and DVDs.

Help Desk Status Field
The 'Resolved' field has changed to 'Ticket Status'. Ticket Statuses in Mouse Tracks 2009 can be of type Open, Closed, or Pending. You can define your own status fields and assign them one of these values. For example you could create a status named 'Waiting on 3rd Party' and assign it the 'Pending' value or you could create an 'Escalated' choice and assign it the 'Open' value.

Active Directory Synchronization Module
No longer will you need to repeat the tedious task of adding a user to Mouse Tracks when you add a user to your domain. Simply run the synchronization module and the program will make sure all of your AD users (filterable via LDAP Query) are valid user accounts within Mouse Tracks. In addition to importing the users, other information is also synchronized with the account. First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Pager Number, Cellular Number, Title, Department and Notes are all pulled into the Mouse Tracks database when you run the synchronization.

Automated SMTP Email Notifications
We received quite a bit of feedback suggesting that the Windows Client behave more like Mouse Tracks Web in regards to email notifications. We listened and automated Emails from the Windows Client have been implemented. The prior functionality of being able to manually initiate emails is still available.

Active Directory Authentication to Mouse Tracks Web
The new version of Mouse Tracks Web allows your end-users and technicians to logon to the Help Desk Interface using their Active Directory User ID's and passwords. Combined with the Active Directory Synchronization feature the administrative overhead of your Mouse Tracks database will be greatly reduced.

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