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A complete paint program designed with a intuitive user interface that makes AvancePaint easy to learn and use. It’s powerful enough to suit the advanced user and yet simple enough to please the beginner. Open unlimited number photo's or pictures and unleash your artistic talents as you will discover the advanced and powerful but easy to use graphical options! A complete set of more then 20 photo-realistic filters and more then 40 textures are included.


- New: Detailed Editing Mode (select an area to extreme enlargement for pixel by pixel editing) -> (microscope icon button or Tools-menu)
- New: Snap to Grid!
- New in Tools: "Color Depth and Dither Control"-> Change color depth and/or dithering on selection or the entire image or parts!
- New: Hard Spray when using Air Brush tool (Old School type of spray can, Thanks Mike West for the tip)
- New: Export to BMP with Color Depth and Dither Control - (Pro-edition)
- New: Export and import PNG-files! (Pro-Edition)
- New look of the toolbar option buttons and major cosmetic changes throughout the program
- Toolbar has some functions replaced for ease
- New: Picture Frames! Create a picture like frame around your drawing or selected area (mask) with any type of color gradient combinations -
..or create slick transparent fading like picture frames. ..Combinations are almost unlimited.
- New: Option in Pencil "Smooth Edges" (raindrop icon)
- New: Option in Pencil-> Colormix pencil(s) gives now a smooth follow of color (gradient style) option to enable gradient style or scattered
- User color Pencil-tool gave wrong color: fixed
- New: borders shows default fore- and background color used during painting
- New: "Set as Wallpaper" in menu Tools: create in one click a wallpaper on your desktop from your drawing
- Huge speed improvements throughout the entire program
- Bezier and Polygons tools greatly improved in speed! Scrollbars setting fixed.
- Erase Image now under Image menu
- Bug fix: Borders: did not always made a correct fit around a selected area: fixed
- Several border issues fixed and new borders added
- Bug fix: background moving mask/selection issues and "white block" problem resolved
- New: Start with a blank page maximized to the available workspace (Pro-Edition)
- New: Cursor-keys to allow precision drawing with pencil or airbrush
- New and improved borders and textures added
- New: Edit-menu -> copy to Irfanview
- Some blend and transparency issues fixed.
- New blend effects
- 4 more extra blend styles in Pro-Edition
- Selection background was changed also after applying brightness/contrast on a selection: fixed
- Huge speed increase on grayscale conversion!
- Huge speed increase of "Brighten by 10%" and "Darken by 10%" options!
- New option in tools-menu: Ambient Light
- Huge speed increase of all Ambient light effects, plus 4 new lightings
- Pro-Edition has 3 extra Ambient lightings: Bronze, Dusk, City Night
- Music- and weather symbols added and some changed symbols
- Bug fix: Symbols & Stamps window could not be closed sometimes
- Symbols & Stamps has now its own color pallet to choose from
- Symbols & Stamps window position remembered
- "Symbols and Stamps" window are now sorted in smaller "container" with scroll capability for easy browsing
- The file history list now also shows saved files
- History list increased to 4 (MRUD's)
- Error handling improved (in all save options)
- Maximize on open, now in Free-Edition
- New in Dissolve- and Enhance colors tools: improved, bug fix of intensity setting
- bug fix: resizing avancepaint did not always refresh the gradients below the left & right option bars
- Transparent color now always updated with the background color
- Extra undo
- Bug fix: Selecting the color white from the Fixed Colors didn't always correspond
- Recoding save and open settings
- Color Picker; quickly return to the previous tool after using the Color Picker
- User defined colors doubled (now 12 instead of 6)
- Print module totally recoded, debugged and improved with:
..fits big images
..5 paper formats (also letter and legal)
..shows portrait/landscape AND paper size real-time
..save all print settings including the print window dimensions and position
..restore to default
..best fit of an image according to paper size
..extra zoom percentages
..easier in use
- Effects Browser enhanced with:
..Hard-coded in AvancePaint
..New: Pro-Edition Text manipulations greatly enhanced with easy positioning of the text
..New: sliders allowing to move and position the "Spotlight-effect"
..Last option is remembered next time you use the Effects Browser
..Transparent color when using zoomlens, render etc. is shown correctly
..New: "TransSpecial Text" in the "Effects Browser". Enhanced with Transparent text!
..Soften and Rotate Text, widening text, extra large text size...(pro-edition)
..New Effects: Glass Mirror effects, Quad mirror
..and a main bug fix revision
- Revision on ALL External Effects (also those on the website), debugged, increased speed and functionality. Now all have progress-bars. Some of them are major revisions:
..Black & white effect
..Decolorize effect
..Jagged Effect
..Engrave effect
..Noise effect re-written
..Striped effect also usable for grids and speed increased by 500%
..Psychedelic enhanced
..High-Q Contrast enhanced
..and many other additions to all effects
..New Effect: Expressionist
- Bug fix: Font: input box did not show all of the text when entering multiple lines of text
- Bug fix: Font: The applied text did not always positioned correctly
- New in Text: solid text (with background color)
- Easy mode (Beginners/kids mode) now in Free-Edition
- New menu-> Extra (where menu options former resided in the Window-menu has been put)
- Save the present draw-tool settings
- Load the last saved draw-tool settings
- Restore all settings back to default (Pro-Edition)
- Improved visibility of the drawing cursors
- Hourglass is shown when processing an effect
- ESC key can be used to stop an effect during processing
- Export GIF had a bug in transparency; saved it always with a transparent color: fixed
- Several Zoom issues fixed
- The scrollbar that handles line/pen thickness/sizes has been enhanced higher precision, with + - and cosmetically improved
- Resizing with 'Constrain Proportions' enabled did not update the dimensions: fixed
- Brightness & Contrast window rearrangements, 'out of stack space' fixed, and cosmetic changes
- Major bug fix: texture fill did not always work
- Major bug fix: applying borders did not always work
- Desktop- and My Documents folder can be selected In 'Texture-fill' and 'Borders'
- Drawing squares and end corner wrongly placed fixed
- Re-assigned shortcut keys
- Shortcut keys added
- Shift -> vertical/horizontal lines
- CTRL -> select cursor/pointer (during area selection you'll be able to move the selection)
- H-key line drawing during pencil tool
- Right-click shows "Grab Selection/mask" to move the selected area
- "True Color Palette" now updates its color range according to the active color
- Base colors added in "True Color Palette" tool
- Undo issues fixed
- A lot of bug fixes and less obvious changes to improve user interfacing with more ease
(more then 175 changes!!)

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