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Process Hacker is a feature-packed tool for manipulating processes and services on your computer.

* Full support for Windows Vista SP2
* Users/sessions list
* Window process finder
* Thread wait analysis - right-click a thread and choose
Analyze > Wait to see what a thread is hanging on
* Added ability to create dump files for processes
* Added ability to detach processes from debuggers
* Added "scroll down process tree on startup" option
* Notification icon process list is now sorted
* Lists are dramatically faster (especially the handle list)
* Detailed handle properties
* Event objects can now be modified - set, clear, pulse, reset
* Event pair objects can now be modified - set high, set low
* Semaphore objects can now be modified - acquire, release
* Statistics for token objects
* Token object names now include their session LUIDs
* Added Shift+Del for Terminate Process Tree
* #2795871 - "Hidden Processes window resizing problem"
* #2800710 - "System.ObjectDisposedException"
* Windows 7 RC BSOD (Windows 7 Beta is no longer supported) at
startup; support is STILL EXPERIMENTAL
* Memory search addresses being in decimal
* Disabling "Warn about dangerous actions" now disables all
process-related prompts
* Terminator window would be hidden if the main window was top-most
* Using the keyboard (Up/Down/Left/Right) in the process list was fixed
* Potential BSOD with KphReadVirtualMemory and KphWriteVirtualMemory
due to incorrect address probing
* Get Function Address window would return incorrect hex addresses

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