Beyond Compare 3.14 build 10554

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Beyond Compare allows you to quickly and easily compare your files and folders. By using simple, powerful commands you can focus on the differences you're interested in and ignore those you're not. You can then merge the changes, synchronize your files, and generate reports for your records.

- Notable Changes
- Added Picture Compare reports.
- Replaced "File->View as Webpage" command for individual files with a
"View->Webpages" command that works on all sides.
- Fixed crashes under Wine and incorrect behavior under Windows 7.

- Archives
- Zips now read/write Unicode filenames as documented in the official spec.
- Improved auto-detection of OEM/ANSI encoding for filenames in zips.
- Fixed "File not found in archive" error when trying to extract files from
a zip that uses '' as the path delimiter.
- Fixed adding files to .tar.gz archives.
- Fixed zip header VersionNeededToExtract fields so they match those
produced in earlier BC versions (pre-3.1).

- Data Compare
- File info panels now show delimiter, qualifer, ignore multiple delims,
and whether column names were found.
- Fixed "Columns" session settings locking issue.
- Fixed "Columns" session settings to offer "Fill Names Using Comparison"
if either file includes column names.
- Fixed crash when editing cell on line with no text.

- File Formats
- Added "*.xsd" to "XML" file format's mask.

- File Views
- Path edits are now attached to the file info panels and resize when
moving horizontal splitters or switching to over-under layout.
- Improved file info panel behavior when there isn't enough space to
display everything.
- Fixed crash when multiple file views try to load the same file at the
same time (eg, loading a saved workspace).
- Fixed "Copy File to Left/Right and Open Next Difference" when the parent
folder has changed in the background.
- Fixed codepage and line ending style not showing if a load error occurred.
- Fixed file views incorrectly marking a file as saved if certain types of
failures occur when saving.
- Fixed files to try to reload if error occurred previously.
- Tweaked Data and Text "Format" session settings layout.

- Folder Compare
- Added support for lining up files on ANSI/OEM network shares (Win9x) when
certain best-fit character conversions have been done (eg, dropping
unsupported diacritics). Using the "Compare filename case" option will
show these as differences, but it isn't possible to correct them unless
the original file is renamed to match the best-fit version.
- Fixed crash when renaming a folder that is being compared with the
"Compare Contents" operation with a results dialog.
- Transferring files with filenames containing unsupported extended
characters to Windows 9x can now give an error instead of crashing.
- Fixed inconsistent detection of filtered folder contents during file
- Significantly reduced memory usage when performing a large number of
binary or CRC comparisons between two local/network disks.

- Folder Sync
- Various updates to bring in line with the folder compare.

- Fixed slow transfers when performing ASCII SFTP uploads/downloads on SFTP
v3 servers (eg, OpenSSH).
- Fixed logging multi-line SFTP connection banners.
- Fixed support for parsing Solaris FTP listings containing files with
mandatory locking.
- Fixed parsing Solaris FTP listings with Korean dates.

- Hex Compare
- Fixed "Find" so it tries to scroll the entire match into view.

- Linux
- Fixed ASCII FTP transfers so they do correct line ending conversions.

- Misc
- Changed "Close Multiple Tabs" confirmation so it matches Internet
Explorer 8.
- Added workaround for crashes when opening a file view in Wine.
- Crashes under Wine no longer terminate the application without warning.
- Portable install no longer writes "SupportsMerge" and "ArchiveMasks"
settings to the registry.
- Added numerous menu keyboard accelerators.
- Fixed Windows 7 taskbar thumbnail and live preview for minimized windows
and appearance after restoring a minimized window.
- Fixed keyboard shortcuts when showing tabs on the taskbar in Windows 7.
- Fixed crash on startup when checking for updates through a proxy.
- Fixed crash when closing a window while the session combobox is open.
- Fixed issues with settings persistence of floating point values on non-US

- MP3 Compare
- Fixed support for tags with line endings that don't match the system

- Options
- "Available session types" no longer lists Folder Compare or Text Compare.
- Fixed file format support when disabling sessions using the "Available
session types" list.

- Picture Compare
- Added side-by-side and summary reports.
- Fixed display "(stretched)" to show when appropriate.

- Reports
- Improved "Just selection" stickyness.

- Scripting
- Added VERSION-REPORT scripting command.
- Layouts supported: side-by-side, summary
- Display filters supported: display-all, display-mismatches,
- Options supported: ignore-unimportant
- Fixed inconsistent support for "select empty.folders".

- Text Views
- Replaced "File->View as Webpage" command for individual files with a
"View->Webpages" command that works on all sides.
- "Find" and "Next/Previous Difference" now scroll horizontally to center
the match.
- "View -> Webpages" now works when comparing clipboard contents or an
empty side.
- Clicking on the current display filter after "Ignored" now refreshes
- Improved page up/down handling, particularly when focused in merge output.
- Fixed "Find Next/Previous" crash when last find was a select all.
- Fixed crash after using "Find" dialog with "Close dialog automatically"
- Fixed moving splitters when webpages are visible.
- Fixed divide by zero crash.
- Fixed aligning empty range(s) (ex. after paste).

- Text Compare
- "Copy Line to Left/Right" can now be shown on the toolbar.
- Loading the same file in both sides and saving edits on one side no
longer prompts to reload twice.

- Text Merge
- Fixed "Align With" command.

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