All My Movies 5.5 build 1284

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Keeps track of what movies you have as well as on what kind of media. (CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, VHS or ?) Is there a movie you have heard of but not a part of your collection yet? All My Movies allows you to keep a list! Ever wonder who played in a certain movie? All My Movies keeps track of the actors in each movie as well. And by the click of a button, you can find a list of all the movies that actor played in. So, that night you say, "Honey, I want to watch something with Johnny Depp!" and with a click of a button you have an entire list of the movies with Johnny Depp. You can EVEN keep track of which movies in your collection that you have already watched so you can find a movie that you haven't seen! So efficient, All My Movies connects to various internet movie databases and loads all the information of your movie including Name, Actors, Genre, Year, Description, and Screenshots, too, so that there is very little data entry! These are just a few of the wonderful benefits of the All My Movies software but check it out for yourself with a free trial and discover that there are so many other attractive qualities that make this program the best one on the market yet.


- added Loan history. "Menu item Tools-Loan history"
- added an ability to add covers and screenshots from GIF and PNG files as well
- added Rating field for Names (Actors, Directors, Scenarios)
- added Sort Names by their Rating
- added: new visual style named Water Color
- added: MPAA rating import while lookup the movie by barcode on Amazon sites
- added: "Bar code" field to the list of available fields for export to MS Excel, plain text and simple HTML table
- added: personal marks to the list of fields available for export to Excel, plain text and HTML simple table
- PluginAPI has been updated
- Import by barcode has been improved
- compatibility with KMPlayer improved
- several Virtual Shelf issues were fixed

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5.5 build 1284
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