Tweak-7 1.0 build 1000

Posted on Tuesday, July 07 2009 @ 20:18 CEST by

The worlds first tweaking and optimization solution designed especially for Windows 7.

+ Added a context menu to the 'System Folders' feature folder list
* Lots of code cleanup, removing debugging code and other code from the beta versions that is no longer needed
* Improved CPU and cache tweaks section
* Improved UI rendering when switching from one feature to another
* Updated help file, updated Russian and English language files
* Several behavior changes related to the auto start of Tweak-7
* Several changes to some error handlers catching some very rare issues caused by corrupted memory
* Some changes to the 'Registry CleanUp' feature related to the system status report if no items were cleaned up
* Several minor changes to the user interface
- Fixing a well hidden issue that crashed Tweak-7 if the 'Restrict Access to folders' feature was left to the 'Home' screen
- Fixing an issue where the 'Registry Defrag' was not working if the 'Estimate Fragmentation' button was not clicked before defragmentation
- Fixing a crash that occurred under some very specific circumstances while browsing the feature sections
- Fixing an issue with the language file selection
- Fixing a few minor issues in several features
- Fixing some pop-up message display issues that caused pop-up messages to be too small in height
- Fixing some minor UI issues
| Successfully tested on Windows 7 Build 7264
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1.0 build 1000
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