Reaper 3.0.6

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REAPER is a digital audio workstation: a complete multitrack audio and MIDI recording, editing, processing, mixing, and mastering environment.

  • Updated: 7/20/2009 10:40PST to rev 7759 (automation ripple bugfix)
  • Automation: drag, copy and paste automation with items, within or across tracks
  • Automation: improvements when "add envelope points when moving items" enabled (right-click env toolbar button)
  • Automation: recording does not write redundant points (more efficient)
  • Automation: improvements when "reduce envelope point data when recording automation" enabled
  • Automation: FX envelope control panel buttons stay lit if parameter modulation or MIDI learn is active
  • Automation: alt+click deletes an envelope point
  • Automation: fixed send automation control panel display when writing or overriding automation
  • Audio: audio device channel remapping/aliasing support, separate configuration for each audio device
  • Recording: pre-roll monitors track media, action to toggle recording pre-roll
  • Render: rendering stems supports writing project markers as cues
  • Project: no prompt to save, or display project settings, when loading an existing project in a new tab
  • Project: track auto-naming no longer skips leading numbers
  • Preferences: more configurable track record parameters
  • Performance: better RAM/CPU behavior with accidental feedback routing
  • FX: cache undo states for plugins with slow save/load operations
  • FX: fixed undo point creation when plugin shown in FX chain window
  • FX: fixed memory leak when loading undo states for some VSTs
  • FX: fixed parameter modulation save/load/undo problems
  • FX: save parameter modulation with track templates/chains/paste
  • FX: show total track PDC in FX button tooltip
  • FX: performance meter shows PDC by track
  • FX: fixed track/mixer FX param knob rotation range
  • FX: fixed EastWest Play (and possibly other plugins) not showing GUI correctly
  • FX: all IK plugins blacklisted from precise loop buffer handling (glitching at loop end is preferable to crashing)
  • FX: UAD plugins are set offline after render (fixes rendering at different block size)
  • ReaEQ: update settings on "reset band to +0 dB" context menu action
  • MIDI: undo/redo no longer sends note-off to all tracks
  • MIDI: fixed import of .mid files with trailing non-note events exactly on the beat
  • MIDI: glue now supports text events
  • MIDI inline editor: fixed inserting notes at mouse cursor, not advancing main edit cursor
  • MIDI editor: action to invert current selection
  • MIDI editor: fixed moving multiple notes in looped items via keyboard actions
  • MIDI editor: fixed bug when adding sysex manually
  • MIDI editor: text events are now pooled across items and copied with items
  • MIDI editor: fixed initialization of lane combo boxes
  • JS: many optimizations for JS that do MIDI only (no @sample code, or in_pin/out_pin:none)
  • JS: midi_transpose works on notes that are sustaining when you move the sliders
  • JS: support for longer line lengths for slider definitions
  • JS: better support for locales that use , instead of . for decimal
  • JS: update dropdown boxes on sliderchange call
  • JS: fixed gfx_drawchar/gfx_drawnumber() not forcing screen update
  • Actions: select any track 1-99 (ctrl: extend, shift: contiguous, alt: invert)
  • Actions: set loop points to selected items
  • GUI: user preference for drawing pretty filled automation envelopes
  • GUI: optional/themeable editing guide lines when moving items
  • GUI: shift + middle mouse button does hand-scroll (and user preferences for it)
  • GUI: docker/project tabs show feedback when clicking close-tab buttons
  • GUI: option to show solid edge on loop selection and/or time selection
  • GUI: optimized screen drawing to reduce potential overdraws
  • GUI: separate user preferences for antialiased peaks/waveforms vs. antialiased fades/envelopes
  • GUI: fixed drawing crossfades when overlapping items are shown in lanes
  • GUI: track meters hold peaks as low as -150 dB
  • OSX: toolbar can be customized
  • OSX: VST/AU with carbon views now hide properly when docked

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