Reaper 3.12

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REAPER, an advanced multi-track audio production and recording environment for Windows and OS X.

  • Automation lanes: fixed possible crash when removing FX parameter envelopes
  • CD burning: fixes to native XP mode track divisions
  • Extensions API: GetSetMediaItemInfo() fixes for fade shape settings
  • Fade drawing: when using full-area filling, fixed drawing when zoomed in
  • FX: per-FX buggy plugin compatibility mode (assumes plugin is not threadsafe, needs constant precleaned buffers, etc)
  • Hardware outputs: post-fader track outputs obey track polarity control
  • MIDI editor: show notes pressed as long as the input note is pressed
  • OSX: improved drag/drop support
  • OSX: support for control+alt+drag to render to new file (drag to desktop, finder, sampler, etc)
  • OSX: CD burning support
  • OSX: REX support
  • OSX: special casing for POD Farm VST misreporting view type (VST 2.4 should be composited view)
  • OSX: fix for some AUs that do not export automatable parameters until after audio streams are initialized
  • OSX: added correct file locking to prevent writing files open for read
  • Pencil mode: fixed fade/autofade settings for newly drawn media items
  • ReaControlMIDI: support for raw mode (0-127 access to all CC messages)
  • ReaControlMIDI: envelopes and TCP knobs report the same value as the slider (0-127, 0-16383, or on/off)
  • ReaControlMIDI: support for storing/sending sysex dumps up to 64KB
  • ReaScript: run Python or Perl scripts that call Reaper API functions
  • ReaScript: assign reascripts to key commands or toolbar buttons
  • VST bridging: optimized plug-ins that call for tempo information
  • VST bridging/firewalling: per plug-in option to embed UI (not as compatible, less crash-resilient)
  • VST: safer querying of text strings from certain plug-ins
  • Win32: async file reading now has more grace on error
  • Win32: file locking improvements (no longer allow writing to media files that are open and online in REAPER, etc)
  • x64: VST bridging performance improvements, ReaRoute performance improvements
  • x64: will now use same config path as x86 (unless appdata/REAPER64 is valid)
  • x64: REX support (via bridging)
  • x64: fix for certain (broken) ASIO drivers

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