Process Lasso 3.70

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Process Lasso is a unique new technology that will, amongst other things, improve your PC's responsiveness and stability. Windows, by design, allows programs to monopolize your CPU without restraint -- leading to freezes and hangs. Process Lasso's ProBalance technology intelligently adjusts the priority of running programs so that badly behaved programs won't interfere with your ability to use the computer!

  • Addition.Core: Now supports rules on specific service groups hosted by svchost.exe instances
  • Addition.Core: Added new feature to prevent PC sleep when designated processes are running
  • Addition.Core: Added new feature to put the PC into the High Performance power scheme when designated processes are running
  • Addition.Core: Add copyright log message
  • Addition.GUI: Shows distinctive group names for services hosted by svchost.exe instances
  • Addition.GUI: Added private working set metric (hidden by default)
  • Addition.GUI: Added new feature to prevent PC sleep when selected processes are running
  • Addition.GUI: Added informative tooltips to processes list (hover over process name)
  • Addition.GUI: Auto-select and make visible process that corresponds to the user selected log entry
  • Addition.GUI: Added menu option to switch the active system power scheme, for convenience. Available in Vista+ only.
  • Addition.GUI: Added forced mode toggle to system tray
  • Addition.GUI: Added 'Show graph legend' to view menu (you can still click on the legend to toggle its visibility)
  • Addition.InstallHelper: Added helpful tooltips to the configuration dialogs
  • Addition.InstallHelper: Tweaks to the dialogs
  • Addition.Installer: The 32-bit installer can now automatically download and run the 64-bit installer when necessary
  • Fix.Core: Fixed issue where restraining via only a CPU affinity change (no priority adjustment) wouldn't always work
  • Fix.GUI: Fixed delay when switching between lower view tabs
  • Fix.GUI: Fixed log view could have missing entries after it exceeded 500 list items and a log resize hadn't occurred at any point (rare)
  • Change.Licensing: Unspecified changes for future reseller product activations
  • Change.Updater: Changed product name shown from 'ProcessLasso' to 'Process Lasso'
  • Change.GUI: Advanced tools that require permission elevation can now be launched directly from the unelevated GUI
  • Change.GUI: Reduced total stack use
  • Change.GUI: Made custom message boxes more narrow
  • Change.GUI: A few misc. code tweaks and rewrites
  • Change.GUI: Some misc. UI performance enhancements
  • Change.GUI: Rewrote forced mode menu item to something more clear
  • Change.Core: Re-wrote automatic gaming mode implementation so that it engages or disengages automatically upon user configuration change
  • Change.Core: Switched to NT native session ID resolution
  • Change.Core: Disallow multiple log events in the same millisecond (by incrementing time), for correct sorting
  • Change.Core: When an actively restrained process is marked to be excluded from ProBalance, any adjustments made to that process are immediately reverted
  • Change.All: Converted entire project to UNICODE (previously only portions were UNICODE)
  • Change.All: Removed COM interface to process management engine (more optimal, less memory use, can run without install, and no interference from registry cleaners)
  • Change.All: All additions and changes from minor version updates to v3.64
  • Change.InstallHelper: Renamed auto-start registry value
  • Change.Localization: Updated Russian, PTBR, Serbian, Chinese (simplified), and French translations
  • Removal.Installer: Remove deprecated processcontrol.dll and common.dll

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