musikCube 0.92.5

Posted on Tuesday, June 07 2005 @ 19:41 CEST by LSDsmurf

Well, I said 0.92.4 would be the final release of the 0.92 series, but I guess I lied. Here is 0.92.5, which introduces a radically different now playing control and fixes a lot of really annoying bugs:
  • fixed support for mapped network drives.
  • fixed filename case in the Tag Properties window
  • fixed some "play next" crashes
  • fixed the crash when moving playlists down (thanks DiGiTaLFX)
  • fixed some potential bugs with musikCore::Library creating crossfaders, equalizers, and playlists.
  • fixed bug where equalizer settings were not being saved on a per song basis when "Same Equalizer for all Songs" was not checked.
  • fixed bug where all selection boxes could disappear. if they are all closed, they will be reset to default upon next launch
  • fixed a bug where plugging in a removable device when hidden would cause the sources panel to draw scrambled
  • fixed the bug where hiding devices wouldn't take effect until musikCube was restarted
  • fixed bug where press next or prev track would start playback if stopped.
  • fixed a bug where synchronization would fail if the collectes sources item was selected.
  • fixed filesize display in playlist: "MB" instead of "mb"
  • fixed equalizer drawing corruption when switching between 6 and 18 band mode.
  • pressing DELETE in the collected window actually deletes them from the collected library.
  • major overhaul of the now playing control
  • fixed a lot of bugs relating to mcAmp, including those that made the sound suddenly cut out.
  • volume in the main UI now updates when the mini player updates volume.
  • added Fine Fine's random icon
  • core_APE added to the musikCore CVS tree
  • cube_mcAmp added to the musikCube CVS tree
  • cube_miniPlayer added to the musikCube CVS tree

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