Reaper 3.14159

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REAPER, an advanced multi-track audio production and recording environment for Windows and OS X.

  • Automation: adjustable bezier tension for envelope points (alt+drag segment, or edit point value)
  • Automation: envelope segments are automatically switched to bezier when editing tension
  • Automation: add a point anywhere in envelope lane, or only on the envelope segment, by preference
  • Automation: fixed action to insert envelope point in take envelopes
  • Automation: FX envelopes are adjusted for PDC (can be overridden per plugin instance)
  • Automation: switching from trim to read on simple vol/pan envelopes applies trim setting if pref set
  • Automation: lower CPU use when using mute automation in read/write modes and control surfaces
  • Batch converter: fixed filelist flickering bug when converting files
  • CD import: uses current project settings for output audio format, matching extension
  • Crossfades: show special cursor when shift+dragging crossfades
  • Dual trim: edit shared media item edges regardless of selection (by preference)
  • Dual timestretch: show special cursor when alt+dragging shared edges
  • Envelopes: fixes for GUI drawing errors when greatly zoomed in
  • Explode by channel: use item size/offset rather than source size
  • Installer: Changed "CD Burning" item to "CD Ripping/Burning"
  • Installer: changed icon to REAPER icon from generic installer
  • Media item properties: option to override auto-crossfades (set automatically when importing REX)
  • Media explorer: better display of preview on items without peaks
  • Split: when splitting past the end of an unlooped item, create an empty take rather than looping
  • VST: chunkless VSTs now get program name saved/restored (FabFilter plug-ins etc)
  • VST: update current program name on audioMasterUpdateDisplay
  • WAV: fix for reading WAV files larger than 4GB
  • Windows: handle more types of keyboard input when set to send all keyboard input to plug-in
  • Windows: Fixed cleartype issue on timeline font in default 3.0 theme

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