Hauppauge WinTV PVR-150

Posted on Sunday, June 12 2005 @ 0:24 CEST by LSDsmurf

  • Improved per input audio level control (including registry overrides).
  • Mk3/Mk4 tuner improvements.
  • IR Blaster programming improvements.
  • Improved support for tuner-less models.
  • Driver passes Microsoft DRM and DirectShow Audio Tests.
  • Fixed PAL/Teletext support on initial launch of MCE with dual tuner.
  • Additional finetuning to balance Line-In / FM / TV Volumes.
  • Initial Fix for somewhat rare but possible system hang on MCE Auto Tuner Setup.
  • Line-In and FM are much closer to TV Volumes and ALC is NOT in use.
  • Potential Bluescreen/Hang on driver unload fixed.
  • Internal Production-Level Support/Control for PCIConfig Space.
  • Override comb settings per videoformat.
  • PAL GOPSize defaults to 12.
  • Fixed resolution change transitions.
  • Improved balance in Tuner/Non-Tuner Volumes.
  • Better Sharpness default.
  • PAL video improvements (more reliable).
  • Fixed issue which under rare circumstances could cause a stream to halt.
  • Fix intermittent "blurry" PAL video.
  • VCD stream Aspect Ratio corrected.
  • Improved support for TCL_MPE05_2 tuner.
  • Correct Tuner AGC Default values for MK4 tuners to correct "white line" issue.

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