KiSS DP-1504 2.93

Posted on Tuesday, Jun 14 2005 @ 22:01 CEST by LSDsmurf

Fixed Problems and Additions
  • Wireless key fixed
  • Fixed bug on some DVD Playback
  • Subtitle Font enlarged
  • Subtitle Codepage Selection Added
  • MPL2 Subtitle Format Added
  • Better Support for vplayer Subtitles
  • Improved Subtitle Synchronisation
  • Support for DivX DRM
  • KML Client Improved (Virtual Hosts, Speed and Stability)
  • Time Settings use Multiple Time Servers
  • Playtime shown on display on SVCD Playback
  • General Ethernet Improvements
New Features
  • PC-Link Server: If you have more than one KiSS Player with built-in Hard Disk connected on your home network, you will be able to see them listed while serching for PC-Link server on your DP-1504. Make sure that "PC-Link Server" is enabled by pressing MENU, then go to "IP Configuration" and selected "On" under "PC-Link Server". You will then be able to access the Hard Disk's content of other connected KiSS Players and play their files.
  • FTP Server: Access the player's Hard Disk from your PC's Web Browser (such as Internet explorer) or any FTP application. Press MENU and go to "IP Configuration" then select "Show IP Address" to view the Player's IP Address (example of an IP Address: Make sure that in the same menu the "FTP Server" is enabled, it should say: "Read/Write". Enter the IP Address in your PC's web browser or any FTP application this way: You will now be able to view, copy, delete and rename content on your DP-1504's Hard Disk.

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Download: KiSS DP-1504 2.93

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