jv16 PowerTools 2010 Beta 4

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jv16 PowerTools is the ultimate Windows optimization and tuneup utility suite. The bottom line is that it keeps your computer running smooth and fast and greatly improves its overall stability.


- The Registry Cleaner can list False Positives relating to software Intel Matrix Storage Manager

- Registry Finder: when you abort the tool, it continues to run on in the background (high CPU usage)

- Live support tool: the Abort button stays red (the other two buttons do turn to green after click)

- Debug tool: it lists three buttons for the web browser tool, but that tool is not available in Beta 3

- Various lists: When you do “Never show again” with nothing selected, a Tip incorrectly says you did it. However, that feature only works when lines are selected

- Start Menu Tool can list empty folders twice

- Settings, Security: only the top half of the "Set password" button is visible

- PT 2010 cannot gracefully handle dual+ monitors. Both of my computers have dual monitors and I use program DisplayFusion to control the monitors. All of the various windows of PT 2010 want to open on the primary monitor

- With "Highlight selected items" option enabled, it's not possible to un-select items that have been once selected

- The Filter Panel can sometimes pop up outside of the list control

- File Tool's Move to Recycle bin feature results in a "Failed to access" error message every time

- Program's icon doesn't look good

- If you password protect the program you cannot open it again as the password query window is displayed too small

- File Tool's Right Click > Explore works, More functions > Explore does not

- The program chokes with operations that result a huge number of items being added to a list. For example, searching for ":" using the Registry Finder

- If you change the tabs of Backup Tool, a text "(No backups found)" flashes to the screen before the list is populated

- Clicking the same tab of the Backup Tool always causes the list to regenerate, even if there is no need

- The new tool tips are not in use in the list components, except for the columns

- If you click Settings from the Tools menu the Backups tool opens and vice versa. Doesn't happen in the Main Window but happens e.g. in the File Tool

- Live Support in the Main Window says Live Support is Offline but the Live Support option under the Help menu says its Online

- The Live Support icon in the Main Window always has the same icon regardless whether the Live Support is online or offline

- The Unit Testing tool shows "Error: FileToolTestEx : 10"

- If you start the Unit Testing tool and then close it, it will continue to run on the background

- Clicking Abort when the Anti-Malware is starting causes an Internal Error message to be shown

- Clicking Abort when the Anti-Malware is starting makes it impossible to start the Anti-Malware again due to "Tool is already running, please wait it to finish first"

- If you abort the Registry Information tool, you can't access any of its features. (Fix: abort now closes the window)

- The number of selected items can get mixed up in different tools. For example, a tool could show an error message of "Please select at least one item" even if there is one item selected

- Automation Tool's Top Panel is visible even if the list is empty. The Top Panels should not be shown with an empty list

- The last check box ("Run Start Menu Tool") is not correctly positioned in the Automation Tool's Create new automated task feature

- With some tools the "Please wait..." panel is shown too high, for example with the Custom Uninstall Software tool

- Some tools show "Nothing found" text in the list while the tool is still running; of course nothing is found yet as the operation is still in progress

- If you add a Search Word to the Duplicate File Finder, the blue "i" icon shows up over the tab icon only after you change the tab. The "i" icon should show up at once

- Clean and Fix my computer's Search Words and Ignore Words features do not update the "i" icon correctly (see item 32)

- File Recovery's Ignore Words feature does not update the "i" icon correctly (see item 32)

- The Results window of the Find and Replace data (inside files) tool does not show up properly. For example, the Status Bar only updated after clicking the list

- The Results window of the Find and Replace data (inside files) tool can show duplicate data if run many times in a row

- Startup Manager's "Create new automatically starting program" feature starts with the OK button disabled. (All tools should start with all the OK/Start buttons enabled and if the user clicks the button before all the required input has been given an e

- Registry Cleaner's Search Words and Ignore Words features do not update the "i" icon correctly (see item 32)

- Aborting a registry snapshot creation (with the Registry Monitor tool) can crash the program. Also, the operation can continue to run in the background

- Aborting Registry Monitor's Compare feature incorrectly shows the "Operation completed, following changes were detected..." message and the actual operation can continue to run in the background

- Registry Find and Replace tool's Ignore Words feature does not update the "i" icon correctly (see item 32)

- Known bug fixed: The tab icons are missing

- Known bug (of PT 2009) fixed: The background of the tab icons isn't always transparent, and sometimes there is too much space before the first tab

- Custom Fix feature of the Registry Cleaner can freeze the entire program

- The Registry Cleaner and "Clean and fix my computer" can show a lot of internal errors relating to Safety Net component

- Mass File Renamer can crash when creating a new block

- It's not possible to move (by dragging) any blocks

- Changing the program's font within the translation file doesn't always work properly

- Using the mouse wheel or the scroll area of a laptop, it is possible to make the Main Window get stuck in a very long scrolling loop where the category selector on left keeps moving rapidly

- Removing a disabled item in Startup Manager seems to work (the item is removed from the list) but the item is not removed, it comes back after you open the tool again

- If you abort the Startup Manager while its generating its list, there is a delay of up to 5 seconds before the tool is again ready to be used

- Starting "Clean and fix my computer" can cause an Access Violation error

- The new Main Window does not properly scale to lonegr tool names and descriptions (texts are cut off)

- The contentns of the Abbreviation tab of the Settings tool do not scale properly when changing the language of the program

- Sometimes when opening a tool it opens but shows an Access Violation error message. This can also happen when closing a tool

- File Cleaner and "Clean and fix my computer" can list important system fonts as "safe to remove"

- File Cleaner and "Clean and fix my computer" can list "lock" files currently in use for example by Open Office or Microsoft Office

- "Mark item as old/new" is visible in the Right Click menu of the Startup Manager, even as the feature is not supported (yet)

- Pressing F5 always brings up the Anti-Malware tool

- All the Ignore Words lists contain a vertical scroll bar but the Search Words lists do not, this occurs in all tools

- Trying to use any random file as a license file via Help > License Tool > Install license makes the program to show an error message about the license file being for an earlier version of PowerTools even as the file is not a valid license file at all

- Fixed a known issue: The file drag and drop features of the Main Window are not working

- Backup Tool slows down if you have many backups (10+)

- The window for creating a new automated task has its OK button disabled, it's enabled only after all the information is filled. This is not correct, the default action button (OK or Start) should always be enabled and if user clicks it before giving a

- It's possible to create a new automated task that doesn't do anything

- "Automatically fix/delete all found items" feature of the Registry Cleaner does not do anything

- Known issue fixed: Automation of the new File Cleaner doesn't work via the Automation Tool

- Sometimes a tool can show two Message Logs, or a single Message Log can show up to an incorrect place

- Improved the safety of the Registry Cleaner. Nothing major this time, just bullet proofing some checks

- While File Tool is working the tool bar on top is disabled from now on

- Startup Manager's Top Panel is now hidden if there are no items on the list. This is the way all the Top Panels should work throughout the program

- The program now shows an error message if you attempt to do certain common operations such as Select or Search with an empty list

- The Security setting of the Settings window now reports to the user if a new password has been set, before there was no confirmation whatsoever

- Greatly improved the speed of many list operations, especially with long result lists and/or while running on a slow computer

- Added caching to the Live Support status check. This means the program doesn't have to check for the status of the Live Support every time you start the program, it can use previous data as long as the previous data is new enough

- Added a Status Bar to the Automation Tool

- Removed White List feature from the Anti-Malware, you can simply use the Ignore Words instead

- The Header File tab of the Custom Restore / Edit backup tool is no longer visible if the user uses the Simple GUI mode. The feature is only for the most advanced users, new users do not have to see the feature at all

- Updated the GUI of the Disk Wiper's Status window

- Updated the GUI of the File Split tool

- Updated the GUI of the Find and Replace data (inside files) tool

- Updated the GUI of the Startup Manager's "Create new automatically starting program" window

- Updated the GUI of the System Cleaner

- Updated the GUI of the Registry Info tool

- Minor updates to the GUI of the Settings window

- Migrated the entire program to use a new tab component, the new component has better support for transparent icons and also fixes a few known issues of the old tab control (such as too much space before the first tab)

- Added support for a new format translation files. The old format is still supported to allow all the translators to have time to update to the new format. The new format is needed because the old format was prone to hash collisions, in other words, wr

- Removed the Registry Cleaner's Network access feature. This feature has been depricated by the Global Ignore List (to which we can send data over the Internet to protect users in a very unlikely event of a critical bug is found from the Registry Clean

- Further improved the safety of the Registry Cleaner and the Clean and fix my computer. Again, no actual bugs fixes, only adding more extra safety checks

- Greatly improved the GUI of the Mass File Renamer, also added two new tips for the tool to help new users

- Removed unused data from the translation file (English.lng) and added support for translating the new User Interface elements (but please do not start to translate the program yet, there will still be changes)

- Added confirmation messages to many tools, the confirmation is shown if user attempts to remove a lot of data at one time

- Improved the quantity and quality of debug information written to the Debug Log

- Removed the Shortcuts menu from the Main Window

- Added support for removing lines from the Global Ignore List via the Internet. In other words, we can send new lines to the GIL over the Internet in a case a critical error is found from the program. Now we can also remove these sent lines automatical

- The File Cleaner will now list old .regtrans-ms, TM.blf, and txr.blf files

- Added a fade out effect to the closing of tool windows

- Improved the GUI of the License Tool

- If there are no backups, the Backup Tool doesn't any longer flash the "Loading the list of backups" panel

- Changed the default startup mode of new automation tasks from a desktop shortcut to a manual start within the Automation Tool

- Changed the caption of "Delete files with the File Cleaner" to "Run File Cleaner" from the Create new automated task window

- Added support for the protective form overlay for Registry Cleaner and File Cleaner if run via the Automation Tool

- Improved the "The list is empty" messages of the File Tool and Directory Tool. File Tool, for example, now says "(No files added, you can add files by dragging them to this window)" instead of generic "(No files added)"

- Added support for defining the used fonts in the translation file

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