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HotKeyz is a keyboard utility with hotkey control for executing other files, folders or RUN commands. Launch applications in a Normal, Minimized or Maximized State. The Parameter option gives you parameter control when launching another application like Internet Explorer and surfing to a specific site as parameter. For example (iexplore.exe) with the parameter (

Fixed memory leak.
Fixed access violation on exit.
Added an active window command to minimize all other windows except the active one (top most). Specify additional window titles not to be minimized.
When launching an external command i.e. an exe file like notepad.exe, two options are now available on the Options Tab: start as a new instance or open the previous instance. This is handy when you only want one instance of an application to be launched when pressing a hotkey.
When deleting a macro play command, a confirmation dialog will be displayed asking if you want to delete the macro file as well.
Fixed "List index out of bounds (10)" error when duplicating a command in the Multiple Command editor.
The Multi or Pick List commands will not be visible for Multiple or Pick List Commands as you cannot have a multiple command within a multiple command.
When you create a new hotkey and have selected a Category, the category will remain as is when you select a command. But if you select the command first the category will change to the built-in category.
When creating a new macro the Playback Fast will be checked by default.
Fixed macro path error.
Fixed macro playback tray icon. Will now change to blue to indicate macro playback.
Added Google Chrome to Internet defaults.

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