SmartFTP 1.5 build 988

Posted on Monday, June 20 2005 @ 13:40 CEST by LSDsmurf

Major Changes:
  • Replaced old FTP engine with SmartFTP FTP Library
  • Settings: File Exist dialog
  • Settings: Transfer: Integrity with XCRC, XMD5, XSHA, SFV, MD5, CHECKSUM support.
  • Settings: Compression: Exception List
  • Settings: Connection: SSL: Additional data connection mode for List and File transfers.
  • Recursive change of file/folder permissions (CHMOD)
  • Global Queue: Pause/Resume for items
  • Docking windows for "Transfers" and "Local Folder".
  • File size checks (SIZE) prior and after file transfers.
Minor Changes:
  • Queue List Controls: Order of columns is now saved.
  • Settings: General: Favorites Folder setting.
  • Global Queue: Logging to file.
  • Global Queue: Better retry logic.
  • Automatic backup of favorites for every new build.
  • Added context menu to history combo box in the address bar.
Bug Fixes:
  • URL Watcher workaround for Firefox
  • High CPU usage for SSL transfer

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1.5 build 988
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Download: SmartFTP 1.5 build 988

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