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Game Jackal Pro is the ultimate "must have" killer app for the PC gamer! If you, like most gamers, find it annoying looking for and inserting the CD-ROM for your favorite game each time you play it, then Game Jackal Pro is for you.

  • A number of driver bug fixes and improvements including.
  • 1) Better handling of media errors.
  • 2) Under some instances the drivers could deactivate before the profile is shutdown, this has been fixed.
  • 3) Improved resource handling (i.e. lower memory footprint).
  • 4) Better debug support.
  • Fixed a profile issue that was causing read errors on some hardware.
  • Fixed an issue with the media type detection.
  • Changed fast "error skipping" routine used during capture. By default this is only enabled on CD-ROM's (registry setting are "Fast Error Skip Mode" = 0: disabled, 1: cdrom only, 2: any media. Default = 1).
  • A backup of the license key is now retained. This is to prevent the license key being deleted if v3 is uninstalled after v4 is installed.
  • When deleting a profile, the client interface is now refreshed correctly.
  • The uninstaller will now stop the Game Jackal service before attempting to remove the server component(s).
  • Updated Arabic and Spanish languages.

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