Reaper 3.3

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REAPER, an advanced multi-track audio production and recording environment for Windows and OS X.

  • Action: write current value on envelopes from edit cursors to start/end of project
  • Action: unarm all envelopes
  • Action: write current value to time selection on all armed, write-enabled envelopes
  • Automation: improved write mode (no read when stopped/seeking)
  • Automation: improved latch mode for mute envelopes
  • Automation: smoother redraws when moving envelope trim slider
  • Automation: copy/cut/paste items with envelopes obeys preference to add points at item edges
  • Automation: if first envelope point is moved, no longer draw nonexistent first point
  • FX add dialog: added optional VST physical directory path folders, with right click options
  • FX add dialog: resizable panes
  • Loop sections: fixed loop length rounding bug
  • Menus: fixed edit menu take list, improved support for take list in customized menus
  • MIDI editor: docker tab updates correctly
  • MIDI editor: fixed toolbar issue when reusing existing MIDI editors
  • Mixer: reduced flicker on Windows when modifying sends, etc
  • OSX: right clicking track volume fader properly sets focus on volume field
  • Solo in front: better support for routed solos
  • Track I/O button now shows themable highlight for sends, receives
  • Pitch shifting: added safety mutex for initialization of some pitch shifters
  • Preferences: consolidated DX, ReWire, JS preference settings into one pane
  • ReaVerb: better CPU distribution in ZL mode
  • ReaVerb: improved quality when switching between mono/stereo/silent content
  • Scrollbars: prevent invalid draws with overlapping windows
  • Undo: improved tracking when tracks are auto-named via media explorer import
  • VST: fixed issues with undo state saving on parameter edit on non-chunked plugins
  • Wave64: fixed writing of W64 files that do not have BWF chunks
  • Windows: fixed some redraw issues on tab+listview (ReWire tabs, screensets, etc)
  • Windows x64: fixed support for rx2 with unicode filenames

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