UltraMon 3.0.10

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New in version 3
  • Support for Windows 7 and Vista: all features work on Windows 7/Vista, and the window buttons and additional taskbars match the new look
  • Improved application compatibility: different types of hooks are used for features like the window buttons and Smart Taskbar, reducing compatibility issues with applications. In addition, more features can be configured on a per-application basis via the new Compatibility tab under Options
  • Enhanced security through support for DEP (Data Execution Prevention) and ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization)

Display settings:

  • new settings change confirmation prompt which matches the Windows look-and-feel
  • user-configurable timeout for the settings change confirmation prompt (under UltraMon Options > Profiles and Shortcuts)


  • support for using the Windows key as a modifier for key combinations


  • only a single application, part of the desktop, or the area around the mouse pointer can be mirrored in addition to mirroring one or more monitors
  • zoom option and support for displays with different aspect ratios
  • pause mirroring (freezes the current image)
  • hotkeys for starting/stopping/pausing mirroring
  • more compatible due to no longer using a display mirror driver

Screen saver manager:

  • improved compatibility due to the UltraMon screen saver no longer running on a separate desktop

Smart Taskbar:

  • toolbars like the True Launch Bar or Taskbar Magnifier can be added to UltraMon taskbars
  • configuration gets adjusted to changed display configurations automatically, you never need to make changes manually
  • cascade/tile/show desktop and Task Manager can be accessed via the right-click menu of the taskbar
  • support for task ordering applications like Taskbar Shuffle and Taskix
  • support for custom task button width (MinWidth registry setting)

Wallpaper manager:

  • support for images in the GIF format
  • less disk space required for wallpapers due to only a single wallpaper bitmap getting generated (gets updated as necessary)
  • better performance with network roaming due to the wallpaper bitmap being stored locally instead of on the network

Window management:

  • command prompt windows get the UltraMon window buttons as well
  • window buttons now work fine with Office 2007
  • per-monitor cascade/tile/show desktop, either via hotkey or right-click on the taskbar (UltraMon system tray icon on the main taskbar)
  • UltraMon tries to detect custom window buttons added by applications, and will adjust the position of its buttons accordingly
Changes in version 3

• The Monitor Preview feature is not yet available, this will get added again in a later release (most likely 3.1). As a workaround you could use the MirrorMon add-on instead, which has more or less the same functionality. Also no longer available is the /w command line switch for UMMirrorClient.exe.

• UltraMon now requires GDI+, which may not be installed on Windows 2000. On later versions of Windows it is included out of the box. Setup will complete successfully even if GDI+ is not present, but when you run UltraMon you'll get prompted to install it, with the option to download GDI+ from the Realtime Soft website.

• Language packs for version 2 of UltraMon won't work with version 3

• The installation folder can no longer be selected, UltraMon always gets installed under Program Files. This change was made because UltraMon requires UIAccess privileges on Windows 7/Vista, which by default only get granted if the application is installed in a secure location.
You can still install UltraMon in a different folder by setting the MAINDIR property on the command line, this is not recommended though and several UltraMon components will still get installed in default locations (Windows and System32 folders for example).

• For new installations on Windows 7 and later, UltraMon's drag maximized windows with the mouse feature is disabled by default. This change was made because Windows 7 has built-in support for this. If you prefer how UltraMon handles dragging of maximized windows, go to UltraMon Options > General and check 'enable moving of maximized windows using the mouse' to enable the feature.

• The display settings change confirmation prompt has been changed to work the same way as the prompt used by Windows, clicking the first button keeps the changes, the second one reverts to the previous settings. Previously UltraMon did this the other way around, with the first button reverting to the previous settings.

• The Window Title Bar and Window Menu tabs under Options have been combined into a single tab, Buttons and Menu Commands.

For system administrators:

• UltraMon 3 stores settings in other locations than UltraMon 2, and folders can no longer be changed: files are stored in the roaming application data folder under Realtime SoftUltraMon<version>, settings are stored in the registry under HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareRealtime SoftUltraMon<version>. The wallpaper manager only generates a single wallpaper bitmap, and stores it in the local application data folder under Realtime SoftUltraMon

• to set up default settings for new users, first export the registry key to a .reg file named User.reg, then edit the .reg file and replace the version in the key names with 'Default'. Copy the versioned application data folder to the default user folder and rename it to 'Default', then copy the file User.reg into the root of the 'Default' folder

• UltraMon doesn't get started automatically after setup when doing a quiet install, you'll need to start UltraMon manually or reboot the system

Fixed issues

• If the main taskbar is using autohide and monitors are stacked vertically, an UltraMon taskbar may get placed on the monitor with the main taskbar, and dialogs like options etc opened via the UltraMon system tray icon may open on the wrong monitor

• When doing a silent upgrade install without specifying the USERNAME and PIDKEY properties, the existing registration information won't be preserved, and the upgraded installation will run in trial mode

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