NewsLeecher 4.0 beta 14

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Looking for a way to download from the usenet, fast and easily? Well, look no further! Our award winning NewsLeecher application, downloads articles from usenet groups or NZB files, automatically unpacks the downloads if needed, and provides a search feature that makes it possible to find what you are looking for, in a split second.

+: It's now possible to specify what action NewsLeecher should perform, when doubleclicking an article or an article collection in the 'Articles View' or the 'SuperSearch View'. The action can be setup at: Settings -> Interface -> Doubleclick to : ...
+: It's now possible to specify whether NewsLeecher should obey any setup pausing rules, when manually resuming transfers of articles in the transfer queue. Pressing Ctrl or Shift while resume articles, will make NewsLeecher obey pausing rules.
*: NewsLeecher now shows detailed backup information in the log, when triggering the backup function manually via the 'Tools -> Trigger Backup' menu.
*: The download counter label can now be switched on / off from: Settings -> Adv. Nerdy Tweaks -> GUI Download Counter Visible
*: Improved the logic NewsLeecher uses when adding and removing articles in the transfer queue.
!: Fixed bug that sometimes caused NewsLeecher to freeze, if headers were being fetched while NewsLeecher was closed down.
!: Fixed bug that sometimes threw an exception when manually removing articles from the transfer queue.
!: The "Copy Subject to Clipboard" function didn't always work with the SuperSearch view. Fixed.
!: The "Leech Smart" download mode didn't always work, when used on individual articles within article collections. Fixed.
!: The queues "Cancel All" function didn't work in the previous betas. Fixed.
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