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REAPER, an advanced multi-track audio production and recording environment for Windows and OS X.

Changes:  CC Revival

  • MIDI editor:
    • action to show raw MIDI data
    • better drawing/editing for CC events that occur at the very end of the item
    • CC lane marquee selection, drag or copy selected CC events
    • CC lane context menu (select/unselect all events in lane, nudge events, etc)
    • correct overlapping notes whenever they occur
    • ctrl+drag to resize one CC lane only, shift+drag to accordion all CC lane sizes
    • finer control of mousewheel vertical zoom
    • fix for resizing notes up to the left or right edge of the parent item
    • fixed marquee selection for drum-mode notes
    • fixes for vertical zoom when user preference is to center on mouse cursor
    • improved event list properties dialog
    • many actions apply to all selected note and CC events
    • preferences for sweeps/ramps to affect only selected CC/velocities
    • preserve CC event selected/unselected state
    • remove CC events with duplicate times and the same status/channel
    • support clipboard copy/paste between piano roll, event list, and some external applications
  • OSX:
    • preliminary bridging support (to run 32 bit plugins on 64 bit, PPC plug-ins on Intel, etc)
    • ReWire slave support (enable slave mode in prefs/plug-ins/ReWire)
    • Audio Units: bridging/firewalling support, with per-FX options (similar to existing VST bridging)
    • Audio Units: pass through REAPER key commands shortcuts when plug-in GUI is focused
    • Audio Units: more consistent GUI updating when playing back FX automation
    • Audio Units/VST: enable text entry in edit fields, pass through other keystrokes for Carbon-based plugins
    • CoreAudio: improved samplerate changing, detect changes on the fly and reinit device
    • 64 bit version is now named, better .dmg labels (shows arch)
    • improvements to plug-in loading code (fewer crashes when plugins are missing dependencies)
    • ReaNINJAM: better support for removing / readding VST
    • spawn new REAPER instance is now supported, basic command line option support
  • Ripple editing:
    • better behavior moving items left/right followed by up/down
    • better behavior when moving items left (configurable in prefs/editing behavior)
    • better behavior when using ctrl+drag copy of items
    • fixed ripple all moving via action, with locked items affecting rippled markers
  • Windows:
    • better handling of ASIO reset messages when project samplerate is set
    • fix for unicode characters in new Vista+ file open/save dialogs
    • prevent errors on audio devices that display error messages via MessageBox
    • Vista+ file dialog for source properties and save track template file dialogs
  • Multi-touch:
    • Windows 7 and OSX 10.6 multi-touch gestures can be mapped to REAPER actions
    • per-gesture options for reverse, scaling, disabling inertia, improved zooming
  • Resampling:
    • fixed resampling for media of more than 32 channels
    • internal checks to behave better when out of memory/address space
    • decreased RAM use in higher quality modes
  • VST:
    • fix for occasional dropped keystrokes that are meant to be passed through to REAPER
    • internal scanning/resolving tweaks
  • Action: adjust last touched FX parameter (mousewheel/MIDI CC)
  • CPU usage: optimizations with high track counts (solo sibling calculation caching)
  • Elastique: updated to v2.12 (fixes x64 quality issue)
  • Envelopes: preference for double-click to add envelope point, or reset existing point to center
  • Item properties: better-looking fadein/fadeout menus
  • MIDI controllers: fix for occasional disappearing action mappings
  • Mixer: save/restore exact visibility of FX, FX parameters, and sends
  • Mousewheel: enable relative zoom for mice that send finely-grained mousewheel data
  • MP3: fixed poor quality render with VBR encoding on OSX and Windows x64
  • Preferences: save/restore last preferences page visited when closing/opening REAPER
  • RAM usage: drastically reduced memory use when drawing waveform peaks in certain instances
  • ReWire: workaround for Pro Tools crashing on exit when REAPER is ReWire slave
  • Tempo maps: lower CPU use for projects with large tempo maps (helps VST time info as well)
  • x64: support bridging/firewalling of x64 VSTs, including 32-bit REAPER in WoW64
  • x86/x64 bridging: internal improvements and bugfixes

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