Audacity 1.3.12 beta

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Audacity is a free, easy-to-use and multilingual audio editor and recorder for Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux and other operating systems.

Bug fixes for:
Imports and Exports:
  • AAC files could not be exported at 48000 Hz
  • When importing multiple native file formats using FFmpeg, all files after the first reverted to using the native importer
  • FFmpeg custom export window too large on 800 x 600 resolution monitors
  • Projects froze if files imported via On-Demand were no longer available
  • (Linux) WAV/AIFF exports were corrupted if overwriting an aliased file which had been imported using the command line
  • Cutting or deleting a region in the waveform and label track did not move the labels in advance of the cut
  • Incorrect behavior snapping to labels and boundaries with Snap To enabled
  • Labels can now be reversed if included with the audio selection using the command line
Other bug fixes:
  • When using non-English languages, Generate effects truncated the selected region
  • Mice with high-precision scroll-wheels could cause a crash
  • Changing recording preferences using the Transport menu did not update the menu in other open projects
  • (Windows 7) Clicking in a file open or save dialog caused files or folders to disappear from the list, and file filtering was broken
Changes and improvements:
  • A hover tooltip is now provided if the Mixer Toolbar input selector cannot control the system slider for the selected input.
  • More intuitive behavior when moving and resizing labels by dragging
  • Support added for importing lists of files (LOF) containing relative paths
  • Export Multiple: new option to use a numerical prefix before existing label or track names; "Success" dialog now resizable
  • New Equalization preset "Inverse RIAA", with new button to invert other curves
  • Timer Record now remembers last scheduled duration
  • Meter Toolbar can now be made much narrower, and so more suitable for vertical orientation
  • New Preferences choice for "System" language which is used on first run instead of asking user to choose language
  • Warning now provided if WAV/AIFF exports are not successfully completed
  • (Linux) Improved icon set in compliance with Icon Theme Specification 0.6

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1.3.12 beta
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