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Posted on Friday, July 22 2005 @ 23:00 CEST by LSDsmurf

  • Changed processing checks when the last segment is retrieved (or fails) for a multi-part binary to trigger the "combine" step even if the last part in the Queue is not able to be retrieved.
  • Removed CTRL-Q shortcut for "Queue". Use "Q" instead.
  • Removed CTRL-P shortcut for "Priority Queue". Use "P" instead.
  • Fixed a bug when Queuing jobs with the header server disabled that caused the header server to be included as an active download server.
  • Added the bytes remaining to download in the mouseover hint for the "Size" column in the Queue.
  • Added a new setting to allow downloads to be performed in reverse Expiry order.
  • Added a new server limit setting to support block accounts.
  • Enabled message filters even when no messages are in the selected group.
  • Added a system message entry in the message list when a group is opened and empty.
  • Added support for recurring Scheduled Task items.
  • Added testing of =yend line for missing CRC data in YDecoder.
  • Added coloring of the filter or quick filter text areas red with white letters when a group is loaded and no messages match the current filter(s).
  • Added support for column sorting in the Imported Messages Workgroup.
  • Added an option to bypass automatic opening of the Imported Messages Workgroup after importing an NZB file.
  • Added an option to disable italics for the "thread container" font on the message list.
  • Extended the "Move to..." context menu by adding the available folders as individual menu items.
  • Added an option to automatically Queue NZB files in "Hold" status.
  • Added the ability to select the auto-save destination folder when automatically Queuing NZB files.
  • Fixed DeQueue option to process any message in a message group if the group header is selected.
  • Added the ability to exclude bodies containing attachments with specific extensions from the Auto-Delete process.
  • Addressed the mysterious "EInvalidOp" errors that occurred once in awhile when selecting an item in the Queue. We believe that it may have been caused by the ETA calculation displayed in the status bar when the current data rate dropped to zero.
  • Fixed a bug in the Quick Filter that caused matching messages to be hidden if the group header did not match.
  • Fixed a bug when queuing messages by selecting and queuing a group header rather than the individual messages, and a filter is active. The filter was getting ignored and hidden messages were getting queued in error.
  • Added authentication support for all official released versions of MySQL. IMPORTANT: Named Pipes are not supported in this release. If you require Named Pipe support to connect to MySQL, you should NOT apply this update. We will bring back support for Named Pipes in a future version of Newsman Pro.
  • Fixed a bug that removed the Imported Messages folder if all messages were marked "read".
  • Fixed a bug in the "Stop all online activity" button for ADS users.
  • Added a new setting to have NMP skip a server if the newsgroup for the article to be downloaded is not in the server's newsgroup list.
  • Added an interface to add/remove a newsgroup to/from any server. This is used in conjunction with the new "Skip server if newsgroup is not in group list" feature. You can access this interface by right-clicking on an individual newsgroup in the Navigator or Workgroups view.
  • Added an option to mark ALL Workgroups read from the root "Workgroups" context menu in the Navigator.
  • Added Message-ID validation for new headers retrieved from a news server to eliminate headers that don't conform to RFC standards.
  • Replaced the memory manager with one that is faster and scales better on multi-CPU hardware.
  • While updating the MySQL connection components, many optimizations were made on queries throughout the program.
  • Optimized several low-level instructions to use MMX instruction set for faster processing.
  • Fixed the Auto-Save caption not updating the Queue list when non-yEnc files are being processed.
  • Added the ability to execute an application when shutting down Newsman Pro. This can be used, for example, to launch the pwrPurge script for purging deleted data from the Trash folder. The latest version of this script is written to accept parameters passed by Newsman Pro for logging into MySQL and restarting Newsman Pro when the script is finished.
  • When queuing already retrieved text messages, they will no longer be marked as Unread.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an error in the Queue view when displaying dates on a computer with regional settings using "," rather than "." as the decimal separator. This got overlooked when the new Queue view was implemented.
  • Added code to force a complete repaint of the Queue after being rebuilt. The Queue repaint is now part of a CriticalSection in the Queue thread to ensure that Windows does not ignore the repaint request.
  • Added sorting of Queue columns: Description, Size, Expires and Server/Group. Sort can be reversed by clicking on the column header again. To return the sort order to the default download order, click the "Priority" column header.
  • Added the ability to directly edit server byte counters.
  • Fixed a case-sensitivity issue for MySQL users running on a Linux remote server.
  • Changed the Connections View to show the newest connection on top. As each worker thread starts a job, it will move its connection status item to the top of the view. This will push idle connections down the list until they fall off as they disconnect.

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