MyDefragPowerGUI 1.0.0

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MyDefragPowerGUI 1.0.0, released on August 1st 2010 is first release of the successor of JkDefragGUI. MyDefragPowerGUI has basicly the same functions as JkDefragGUI. MyDefragPowerGUI is supported on U3 devices. MyDefragPowerGUI is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008 and Windows 7. The update function is more advanced and it updates the GUI automatic without user intervention. A download link can be found in the download section.

- Added commandline parameter /reset
- Added help file
- Added U3 support
- Added "Please wait" text while checking for updates
- Changed some text button into icon buttons
- Fixed email problem with Windows Live Mail
- Fixed unable to select a logfile folder when default location is not selected
- Fixed error with internal scheduler (Line 7, debug)
- Fixed first log file not written
- Fixed freespace below a value of 10
- Fixed GUI shutdown option not working
- Fixed Taskscheduler program title
- Fixed move end bug
- Fixed close button in Changelog not working
- Fixed Menu Readlogfile disabled when no logfile exists when changing logfile folder
- Removed trailing whitespace from operating system
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