NSIS 2.08

Posted on Sunday, July 24 2005 @ 15:24 CEST by LSDsmurf

Major Changes
  • Added Instructor's header files of useful functions
  • Library improvements: ordered registration after reboot, smaller RegTool and separate process for each registration to avoid conflicts (thanks stb)
Minor Changes
  • Added Bosnian and Kurdish translations
  • Added per-user nsisconf.nsh file in %APPDATA% or $HOME, depending on the platform (patch #1223041)
  • Documentation improvements and fixes (including bug #1202495, bug #1227610, bug #1238686, patch #1225167, RFE #1240601)
  • Fixed _?= being ignored, if the uninstaller path is not quoted and is separated with only space from _?=
  • Fixed Library failing on paths with spaces (bug #1234283)
  • Fixed UpgradeDLL compilation error (bug #1230336)
  • Improved French, Ukrainian and Luxembourgian translation
  • Made RMDir set the error flag, if passed an invalid directory path (bug #1227553)
  • Made uninstallers copy themselves into a subdirectory of the temporary directory to avoid DLLs left in the temporary directory from being loaded by the uninstaller (patch #1214319)
  • Missing LangString warning now uses the language name, if possible
  • zip2exe: fixed restriction of extraction path length and updated to zlib 1.2.3 (bug #1226381)
Build System
  • Added linker script to assure correct order of sections when building using GNU tools
  • Added test target
  • UIs are now built from source

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Download: NSIS 2.08

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