Shareaza beta

Posted on Monday, July 25 2005 @ 1:16 CEST by LSDsmurf

  • Library lockups fixed. (May not create thumbnails for all files now)
  • Better screensaver disable feature for the media player
  • Window update code improved
  • Torrent counter fixed
  • RTL fixes
  • Short delay added between initial network connect and starting transfers
  • Extra error checking for downloads
  • More mouse wheel support
  • FTP transfers improved
  • hopefully real fix for the HTTP invalid range request bug
  • detect XP SP2 or 2k3 SP1
  • fix log bug
  • all debug functions now use proper logging
  • File preview lost/changed extension fix
  • function to check last met query time added
  • Crash fix in WinNT4 when maximising
  • G1 connection/hosts tweak
  • Old client list updated
  • Download reviews indicated in icon
  • Upload/ratio warning improved
  • Specify protocol option added to G1/G2 neighbour connection attempts
  • Hide links title on browse if no links in profile
  • Occasional blank filename in log fixed
  • Do not include encrypted files in the Library (stucks in hashing)
  • Add source / invalid GUID glitch fixed
  • "Access" disabled when in unconnected state
  • Default server list option added
  • ED2K connection improved
  • Updated zlib

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