Calibre 0.7.18

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calibre is a free and open source e-book library management application developed by users of e-books for users of e-books.

New Features
  • All new Preferences dialog, with nicer layout and the ability to restore settings to defaults
  • Add series info when available to generated cover. Also auto-resize the logo on the cover to ensure all text fits

    Closes tickets: 6724

  • On device column: Now indicates when multiple copies of the same book are present on the device
  • Driver for the Gemei GM2000
  • Extract fb2 files from zip container when adding to calibre. Can be disables by disabling the Archive Extract file type plugin.

    Closes tickets: 6739

  • Switch to using raster icons for a small speedup in startup time
Bug Fixes
  • On device column: Fix matching bug when multiple books in the library have the same title and author
  • Content server: Use /mobile version for Kindle browser
  • E-book viewer: When adding a bookmark, a default name is generated

    Closes tickets: 6450

  • Hide visible menus before clearing toolbar.

    Closes tickets: 6706

  • Batch conversion: Don't overwrite the insert page break before setting

    Closes tickets: 6729

  • Catalog generation: Fixed improper title display in catalog when title contains ':'. Added 'ondevice' field to CSV/XML catalog output (only with connected device|folder|iTunes). Added optional 'Series' section to generated catalogs with hyperlinks between books and series. Tweaks to catalog formatting.
  • Fix regression when checking database integrity with custom columns introduced in 0.7.17
  • Sending email: Ignore geenric records when trying to resolve domain

    Closes tickets: 6723

  • Fix a bug where the open state of the splitter was not being saved on shutdown if the splitter had been closed at startup and was opened by dragging the center line
  • MOBI Output: Fix bug generating index when chapter names contained non ASCII characters

    Closes tickets: 6595

  • PDF Input: Fix handling of more non ascii characters
  • Content server: Triple AJAX timeout for main book list to 30 seconds
  • Use ImageMagick instead of Qt to generate thumbnails when sending covers to device. Should fix corrupted nook covers on some windows installs
  • FB2 Output: Improve creation of sections and fix a couple of bugs that could result in invalid output
New news sources
  • Journal Gazette by cynvision
  • Milenio by bmsleight
  • Winnipeg Free Press by buyo
  • Buckmasters in the kitchen, The Walrus Magazine and Kansas City Star by Tony Stegall
  • Europa Sur by Darko Miletic
Improved news sources
  • El Pais
  • La Jornada
  • nrcnext
  • WSJ (free)

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