jv16 PowerTools 2005

Posted on Thursday, July 28 2005 @ 2:20 CEST by LSDsmurf

  • Fixed a bug from the Registry Manager which caused it not to always automatically show the list of the Starting Programs.
  • Fixed two bugs from the date sort feature. The bugs made the date sort sometimes to sort the list with more or less random order.
  • Fixed a minor sorting bug that caused the sorting not to work with certain sets of data, for example in Registry Manager's Filetypes section.
  • Added new keyboard shortcuts to many tools including the Software Manager, its Custom Remove feature, Backup Tool and its Custom Restore.
  • Added the standard minimize and maximize buttons to Custom Remove Software's window.
  • Improved the translation handling and it no longer accepts translations created for previous versions of the product.
  • Fixed a bug that caused preferences saved using an existing description not be saved at all.
  • Added the much requested French translation and a Korean translation. An updated version of the Italian translation also included.
  • Fixed a few grammar errors from the default English user interface.

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