UltraEdit 11.10b

Posted on Saturday, July 30 2005 @ 2:27 CEST by LSDsmurf

  • Fixed multi-line quoted string issue in mutli-language file
  • Fixed on paste line ending conversions on Windows 9X
  • Fixed issue with trailing spaces in FTP filenames
  • Added error message to differentiate between folders and groups in new folder dialog
  • Fixed heap corruption in undo buffer, specifically search/replace operations on files with long lines
  • Fixed issue with missing Red/Green/Blue bitmaps in color selector
  • Added crash dump feature
  • Fixed filtered display of project folder subdirectories
  • Fixed Find in Files, Function list, and Ctags when searching project folder subdirectories
  • Fixed highlighting issues and crash of FTP/SFTP Save As with syntax highlighted files
  • Fixed conflict when changing desktop background color on XP systems
  • Fixed SFTP truncated or missing filenames in file listing
  • Fixed UTF-8 false positive detection issue
  • Fixed synchronization issue with multiple instances of UE
  • Fixed simultaneous opening of multiple files with a single instance of UE
  • Removed f90 and f95 from the default FORTRAN_LANG file extension list
  • Explorer view will now update correctly when drives are added/removed from the system
  • Fixed relative path issues with project tagfile/wordfile
  • Fixed drag-and-drop when selection is top line of display and mouse is clicked left of first column
  • Installer fixes; added All Users desktop shortcut, fixed Admin issues with start menu shortcuts
  • Fixed update of function list in multi-language syntax highlighted Unicode files
  • Corrected multiline-string switch for unknown languages
  • Added check for attempting reindent selection of lines >20k characters
  • Maintain text selection while scrolling through large unicode files
  • Fixed Undo issue with converted UNIX files
  • Fixed screen jump when folding/unfolding code near the end of a file
  • Improved SFTP support for VAX/VMS
  • Fixed Aspell issue with single quotes causing false positive
  • Fixed crash with scrolling through code folded sections of file
  • Corrected painting issue when code folding sections >75k
  • Fixed brace matching in non-syntax highlighted files
  • Fixed crash when pasting UTF-16/UTF-8

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