MediaInfo 0.7.36

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MediaInfo supplies technical and tag information about a video or audio file.

+ Binaries (libraries, programs and installers) are digitally signed
+ HDV 720p/1080i/1080p commercial names support, sponsored by
+ Raw TrueHD support
+ MP4: "lpcm" (PCM from DVD) Support (with channel positions)
+ MKV: compression mode (zlib...) display
+ WAV: support of AAC (ADTS) with CodecID 0x8180
+ WMV: Handling of weird Aspect Ratio information in Extended Content Description
+ #3082158, .m4b file extension support
+ #3087674, Ut Video Lossless support
+ #3087677, WebP: basic support (detection only)
+ #3072929, MP4: DTS Express support
+ MPEG-4: Handling of external files referenced by "code" atom
+ M-JPEG and M-JPEG 2000 are renamed JPEG and JPEG 2000
+ MP4 and HDV 1080i: detecting containers lying about width (saying 1920 but it is 1440)
+ DTVCC Transport and SCTE20: Option for displaying empty streams
+ DPX format detection
x Windows x64 explorer tooltip is back!
x #3034092, MPEG-TS: hang up if program is modified (zapping) in the file
x AAC: removal of empirical detection of SBR and PS (too many problems)
x AVI: trusting in priority frame count from index of indexes with broken files
x MKV: AVC "unknown profile" removal
x AVC: some frame rates were reported as twice the real frame rate
x #3029308, Id3v2: support of frames with Unsynchronisation bit set
x #3065114, MPEG-Video: duration calculation issues with raw streams and open GOPs
x AFD: crash with malformed streams
x MPEG-7 output: missing references for MPEG-4 Visual and RF64
x #3086701, ID3: freeze/crash with ID3 tag at the end of the the file
x LXF: some files were not completely analyzed (missing video)
x JPEG: Chroma subsampling value was always set to 4:2:0, wrong
x MP4 with MPEG Video: do not trust anymore raw stream timecode
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