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UltraVNC products are a collection of VNC applications which are powerful, free software that can display the screen of one computer onto another by using a network (or internet) connection.

Server + Viewer:
Integrated support for SecureVNC plugin.
Fix recursive clipboard issues when several VNC, RDP, VM, etc sessions are nested.
Fix hangs in clipboard handling.
Support for HTML and RTF clipboard formats.
Support for Unicode clipboard text.
Clipboard text is compressed when transferring.
libjpeg library replaced with libjpeg-turbo which includes optimized assembly code for both x86 and x64.
Zlib updated to latest version.
DSM plugins no longer cause the server/viewer to send any additional messages or prefix bytes. This eliminates 41 bytes of network traffic per message.
Immediately subsequent socket writes are coalesced to minimize unnecessary packets.
This eliminates 40 bytes of network overhead for most messages, and more in other cases.
RFB 3.8

Viewer only:
Fix crash when changing framebuffer dimensions with cache encoding enabled.
Fix disconnect when changing framebuffer dimensions.
Some menu reorganization.
Throttling for mouse move messages to prevent saturating output buffer with pointer updates.
Queueing implemented for outgoing writes; this eliminates some overhead from every message.
Preemptive update requests.
Enable cache encoding from commandline, /enablecache
Fixed stability issue in Tight encoding (merged from TightVNC)
Fixed recovery / resynchronization attempts in update handler due to bypassing DSM plugin when flushing input buffer, leading to unsynchronized encryption states.
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