AceMoney Lite 4.9

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AceMoney helps you organize and manage your personal finances quickly and easily. AceMoney is available in English, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Polish, Hungarian and Swedish, with more languages to come. It supports all the features required for home or even small-business accounting. With AceMoney you can manage multiple accounts of different types: checking, savings, credit cards, loans, debt accounts, etc. You can even create your own specialized account types, such as cash allowances for the kids! AceMoney makes it a breeze to create and manage your budgets. The program has more than 100 pre-defined spending categories, and you can define your own. You can set up budget limits for every category and track the difference between actual and budgeted values.

- Added support for the month specific budget limits
- Added do not ask again setting to the bill amount update and bill account update warnings.
- Added support for FORTS futures to the Finam data source
- Removed Total and Average values from the monthly spending charts
- Fixed tooltip flashing in the bar charts
- Improved sorting of recurring bills and deposits
- Fixed OFC import
- Bank provided payees are no longer created when import rule is applied
- Now transactions for the several accounts can be imported from the same OFX file
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