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REAPER, an advanced multi-track audio production and recording environment for Windows and OS X.

Changes: Fresh and tidy
* AU:
o fixed some AUs going blank when floating/unfloating the window (thanks, Camel Audio)
o avoid opening bridges to scan for plug-ins (keep cached copy -- hit F5 in fx browser to force rescan)
* Envelopes:
o fixed editing of first envelope point
o when hiding pre-fx volume/pan envelopes, values are no longer applied to main volume/pan
* Mixer:
o fixed positioning when adding first visible track icon or removing last icon
o fixed resize of hidden extended mixer components with track icon visible
* Theming:
o Drag and drop of .ReaperThemeZip (or .zip with theme files) files to REAPER's arrange now installs the theme
o fixed stretch configuration for some theme button images
* API: added GetCurrentProjectInLoadSave() for context when loading project-specific extension state
* Batch file converter: fixed dropping files on OSX
* Configuration import/export: preliminary support for importing/exporting .ReaperConfigZip, accessible via action or preferences/general
* Items: show take numbers for items without take names
* MIDI editor: fixed marquee including too many items when zoomed very far in
* Ripple editing: fixed ripple on first track when pasting/inserting multiple items
* SMPTE LTC sync: leave framerate blank to use project framerate setting (default for new projects)
* Tooltips: fixed a bug that would cause some pan envelope tooltips to display incorrectly
* Update arrange view periodically while bringing media online: Update arrange view periodically while bringing media online
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Works on:
Windows, Mac

Product page: here

Download: REAPER 3.73

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