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SideSlide is an advanced, portable, unobtrusive, dockable, skinnable, instantly accessible, highly configurable Desktop Extension on Steroids! Clean desktop clutter and make your computer friendlier and faster than ever before. With unique use of containers and various innovative features, SideSlide lets you get instant access to everything you have and much more. The program respects your system and keeps all of its configuration files in a single folder.

New and Changes
- Program restart is no longer required when changing the global hotkey.
- Added new key options to choose from for the Global Hotkey: Left arrow key, Right, Up and Down:
Left: [<] Right: [>] Up: [/] Down: []
For example, you can position the workspace in the upper corner of the screen and use [Alt+Down Arrow key] to invoke it.
- An error message is shown if the selected global hotkey could not be registered because it is already in use.
- Request for update sends the OS version besides the program version.

- Mouse wheel and some other functions did not work in the workspace when the global hotkey was disabled.
- Using the global hotkey when another program dialog is showing could have crashed the program.
- Resolving Windows shortcuts on 64-bit systems wasn't always working properly and the shortcut was added with the wrong path.
- Removed object/detached containers shadows on Windows XP.
I don't use Win XP anymore on a daily basis and solving the shadow glitches requires lots of extra motivation.

Bugs in the previous beta version:
- Launching certain shortcuts (such as Remote Desktop .RDP files) didn't work.
- Selecting and unselecting a container didn't restore the correct Tag Button color when a container was in Tag view mode.
- Bug in the bug report (pun intended) dialog: Sending empty bug reports is no longer possible. Clicking Send without entering text will simply close the dialog.
- Changing the workspace background color didn't properly render icons in shrunken containers.
- Drawing icons when switching shortcuts (dragging an icon on top of another icon) when one of the shortcuts is inside a shrunken container didn't render the icon properly.
- [Ctrl+Mouse Wheel] didn't work when trying to resize shortcuts.
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