Cain and Abel 4.9.38

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Cain & Abel is a password recovery tool for Microsoft Operating Systems. It allows easy recovery of various kind of passwords by sniffing the network, cracking encrypted passwords using Dictionary, Brute-Force and Cryptanalysis attacks, recording VoIP conversations, decoding scrambled passwords, recovering wireless network keys, revealing password boxes, uncovering cached passwords and analyzing routing protocols.

- Added TCP/UDP Large Send Offloading status detection on Windows Vista/Seven.
- Better handling of APR-SSL MitM threads.
- Fixed a problem with APR in Windows7 causing attacker's machine to be isolated from poisoned hosts.
- Speed improvement in Credential Manager Password Decoder for x64 operating systems. - Fixed a Cain's runtime error when SIP/RTP sniffer filter is disabled.
- SIP, MGCP and RTP sniffer filters are now separated.
- Fixed RTP sniffer filter to avoid processing Link-local Multicast Name Resolution (LLMNR) traffic on UDP port 5355.
- Fixed RTP sniffer filter to avoid processing SSDP traffic on UDP port 1900.
- Fixed RTP sniffer filter to avoid processing Multicast DNS (MDNS) traffic on UDP port 5353.
- Improved RTP protocol validation function.
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