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DisplayFusion will make your multi-monitor life much easier. With powerful features like Multi-Monitor Taskbars, TitleBar Buttons and fully customizable HotKeys, DisplayFusion will make managing your multiple monitors easy. Take a look at some of the features below to learn how DisplayFusion can help you!

* Changed: Added a new feature called "Window Location" (in the Settings window), which allows you to specify which monitor an application should open on
* Changed: Added a "Show Monitor Selector" HotKey/TitleBar Button that can be used to easily move a window to any monitor
* Changed: Added 2 new Start Menu shortcuts for opening the Wallpaper and Settings windows directly
* Changed: You can now browse for installed Screen Savers
* Changed: New 'Internet Connection Settings' window to make configuring proxy settings easier
* Changed: Installer now automatically extracts hook DLLs to the installation directory, still avoids reboot prompts
* Changed: ToolTip improvements: TitleBar Button tooltips are now faster to show, more reliable
* Changed: Created a new tool called DisplayFusionCommand as a way to interact externally with DisplayFusion from the command line: supports load wallpaper profile, load next wallpaper images, load/unload application hooks, open wallpaper window, open settings window
* Changed: The EXE installer (not the MSI installer) now automatically closes all DisplayFusion instances when in Silent mode (prevents the need to reboot)
* Changed: Redesigned auto-update window that now shows the highlights of the new release
* Changed: Windows are now moved so that they retain their "restore" location when un-maximizing them (Windows 7 ONLY). Some applications do not like this, so there is an option on Compatibility tab to exclude certain applications from using this new method
* Changed: Added an "Advanced Settings" edit window, just click the "Advanced Settings" button in the Settings window
* Changed: Spanned windows now remember their location, just click the "Span Window" TitleBar Button (or use the HotKey) to restore the window's old position
* Changed: The update check no longer displays an error balloon during the start-up update check
* Changed: Increased the update check startup delay from 45 seconds to 4 minutes to allow for wireless connections to be established
* Changed: The "Show a prompt when applying Wallpaper settings" option is now an Advanced Setting and no longer in the Settings UI
* Changed: Added 2 new Compatibility settings for pausing Taskbars or TitleBar Buttons when an application is detected
* Changed: Taskbar Buttons can now be top/bottom/left/right aligned
* Changed: Per-Taskbar settings are now stored in the "Taskbars#" registry key (advanced and normal settings)
* Changed: Taskbars now support application shortcuts (pinned applications in Windows 7): Applications, files, folders and URLs
* Changed: Taskbar now supports new Windows 7 thumbnail style previews (on by default, configurable in the Settings window)
* Changed: Taskbar Auto-Hide is now animated (there is also an Advanced Setting to disable the animations)
* Changed: Shift + Left-Click now performs the same action on Taskbar buttons as Middle-Click (configurable in the Settings window)
* Changed: Modified the "Taskbar Clock Text" advanced setting to allow the "week number" to be shown
* Changed: Taskbar now supports button grouping
* Changed: Added an Advanced Setting called "Don't use Aero TitleBar Button Positioning"
* Changed: Added an Advanced Setting called "TitleBar Buttons: Show Debug Info" to show extra debug info in the TitleBar Button tooltips
* Changed: Added an Advanced Setting called "TitleBar Buttons: Minimum Window Width" to force DisplayFusion not to add TitleBar Buttons to windows that are below a certain width value.
* Changed: Added an Advanced Setting called "Window: Use New Method To Move Windows" to force DisplayFusion to use an experimental window move method with no window animations (instant), but with less application compatibility
* Changed: Added an Advanced Setting called "General: Application Hooks Disabled" to disable the global application hooks when troubleshooting
* Changed: Added an Advanced Setting called "General: Run as a High Priority Process" to run DisplayFusion as a high priority process
* Changed: Added an Advanced Setting called "General: Memory Trim Disabled" to control how DisplayFusion trim's used memory
* Changed: Added 4 Administrator Advanced Setting to allow admins to disable certain image providers in DisplayFusion
* Fixed: Spanned windows are no longer sized to a height of 0 when monitors are vertically stacked
* Fixed: When a random wallpaper image fails to load, the desktop is no longer left blank
* Fixed: Taskbar performance improvements, reduction in hanging taskbars
* Fixed: Smoother taskbar preview animations
* Fixed: Adobe Reader X window functions now work again in Vista and Win7
* Fixed: Windows 7 taskbar hover colour detection improvements (works with Python 2.7 now)
* Fixed: Window restore now restores the window correctly on the new monitor
* Fixed: Modified "Advanced Settings" window to show "TaskbarClockSize#" entries for 9 taskbar values (you can manually add more if you have more than 9 monitors)
* Fixed: Various performance improvements
* Fixed: Windows Gadget items would be incorrectly added to the Windows Taskbar
* Fixed: Better detection for hung windows
* Fixed: Screen Savers should now be listed correctly on all machines
* Fixed: Clicking "Apply" in the Settings window while on the Windows Logon tab no longer causes the Windows Logon preview to go black
* Fixed: Layered (alpha) windows that are completely transparent (alpha=0) are no longer given TitleBar Buttons
* Fixed: Taskbar clock time zone and time changes are now automatically detected and updated instantly
* Fixed: TitleBar Buttons are now removed from applications that are in a "hung" state
* Fixed: When a HotKey fails to bind, a more helpful message with troubleshooting steps is shown
* Fixed: Non-Administrator users are now prompted to login when automatically installing updates
* Fixed: Adobe Acrobat Reader should now maximize properly when being moved between monitors
* Fixed: "Select Application" window now shows all applications, previously it skipped some x86 processes
* Fixed: Taskbar Clock now detects 24 hour time correctly
* Fixed: When a previously used language file is out-of-date, you are now prompted to visit the Languages page
* Fixed: TitleBar Button tooltips now only show the HotKey combination when HotKeys are enabled
* Fixed: Applying settings in the DisplayFusion Settings window while screen savers are being used is much less "flickery" now
* Fixed: The DisplayFusion Taskbar will no longer try to force itself to the front when the Start Menu is open
* Fixed: Hidden Internet Explorer 9 (Beta) windows no longer appear on the taskbar
* Fixed: Taskbar Compatibility improvements: TraceTool, Winamp 2.x
* Fixed: TitleBar Button compatibility: MetroTwit, Skype 5.1, MetroTwit, Steam
* Fixed: Tons of performance improvements and small tweaks
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