Calibre 0.7.47

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calibre is a free and open source e-book library management application developed by users of e-books for users of e-books.

New Features
* Tag Browser: Support the creation of nested User Categories
See for details
* Disable Kent District Library plugin to download series information. The website could not handle the load calibre's 2 million users put on it. You can manually re-enable it if you really want series information, but it is very slow
* Drivers for the Wexler T7001, Archos 7, Wink and Xperia X10
* Comic Input: Add option to not add links to individual pages to the Table of Contents when converting CBC files
* EPUB Output: Try to ensure that the cover image always has an id='cover' to workaround Nook cover reading bug.
Closes tickets: 8182 [External link]
* ODT input: Update odfpy library to latest version, adds support for bookmarks
* EPUB Output: Remove unnecessary CSS page breaks as they confuse the latest release of iBooks

Bug Fixes
* Fix regression in 0.7.46 that broke creating date and composite custom columns
* Linux binary build: Fix ImageMagick trying to load system modules instead of bundled modules
* Kobo driver: Handle missing firmware version file
* ODT Input: Do not force the background color to white.
Closes tickets: 9118 [External link]
* MOBI Input: Do not speciy text-align for every paragraph. Fixes text-align inheritance issues for newer MOBIs with nested divs.
Closes tickets: 9098 [External link]
* EPUB Output: Do not set the file-as attribute on title elements in the OPF as the current OPF spec does not support file-as. Instead use a calibre extension to OPF.
Closes tickets: 9109 [External link]
* Content server: Fix regression that broke browsing User Categories via OPDS
Closes tickets: 9090 [External link]
* Update the book details panel after adding books incase automerge is turned on and the current book is affected
Closes tickets: 9073 [External link]
* FB2 Output: Fix paragraph spacing sometime incorrect.
Closes tickets: 8927 [External link]
* Tag Browser: Fix generation of search query for authors with quote characters in their names
Closes tickets: 9071 [External link]
* Fix bug that could cause download of cover/social metadata from Amazon to sometimes fail
* LRF Input: Workaround for broken LRF files from BookDesigner that have incomplete TextStyle elements

New news sources
* Flickr Blog by Ricardo Jurado
* Various Romanian news sources by Silviu Coatara
* and SwiatKindle by Mori
* Roger Ebert Journal by Shane Erstad

Improved news sources
* Le Monde
* Gizmodo
* Lifehacker
* Adevarul
* Ming Pao
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Download: Calibre 0.7.47

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