Notepad2 4.2.25

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Notepad2 is a light-weight, free and open source Notepad-like text editor with syntax highlighting for a few commonly used languages. It's based on the Scintilla source code editing component and works on NT-based versions of Windows.

- "Align Lines" with several options (Alt+J)
- "Modify Lines" supports several variables to insert numbers (Alt+M)
- "Sort Lines" (Alt+O) handles column sort (rectangular selection)
- "Sort Lines" also handles shuffle, remove duplicates and uniques
- "Merge Blank Lines" block command (Alt+Y)
- Use built-in Windows functionality for "Title Case" on Windows 7
- Convert between characters and hex codes (Ctrl+Alt+X, Ctrl+Alt+C)
- "Recode file as default encoding" (Ctrl+Shift+F)
- UTF-16 and UTF-16 BE formats are valid recoding options
- Enable case-insensitive searching for non-ASCII text
- Regex quantifier ? to match 0 or 1 times
- Regex quantifiers * and + available as non-greedy forms *? and +?
- Regex syntax for tagged regions simplified from (...) to (...)
- Updated HTML5 and CSS3 schemes according to current working drafts
- Updated Assembly scheme with x64 and SSE4 instructions
- Several minor updates to syntax schemes and keywords
- Merged caret styles into a single item and added "noblink" option
- /l and /l- cmd switches to control auto-reloading of modified files
- Ini-option to specify auto-reload timeout (see FAQ on my website)
- Support combination of /g and /m command line switches
- /o and /o- cmd switches to control "Always on top" option
- Copy window position to clipboard as cmd line switch (Ctrl+Shift+K)
- Move window to default position on current screen (Ctrl+Shift+P)
- Fixed Notepad .LOG feature (broken since 4.1.24)
- Launch command uses current file directory as working directory
- Don't lock any directories except the one containing Notepad2.exe
- Forward system MRU, taskbar and jump list behaviour to new windows
- Always show file name extensions (ignore Windows Explorer setting)
- Check availability of "Consolas" when set as default font
- Support a few more file variables (see FAQ on my website)
- Configure whether backspace should reformat indenting whitespace
- Transform backslashes function understands u#### hex codes
- Several F2, F3 and F4 hotkeys work in find and replace dialogs
- Removed "Select Up" and "Select Down" buttons from find dialog
- Ini-options to block suppression of notification messages
- Simplified appearance of word wrap settings dialog
- Remapped "Unescape C Special Chars" to Ctrl+Alt+R (fix duplicate)
- Reloading keeps scrolling position more unerringly with word wrap
- Jumps with /g switch locate position more accurately with word wrap
- Various internal optimizations and fixes
- Improved look of disabled toolbar buttons on Windows XP and above
- Improved overall look of toolbar buttons on Windows 2k
- Lower frequency of NFS access delays by caching file display names
- Improved compatibility with Windows 7
- Released x64 build of Notepad2.exe
- Updated Scintilla library to 2.24
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