Posted on Tuesday, August 16 2011 @ 2:33 CEST by is your savegame solution. gives every gamer a way to easily backup and restore their game saves with just a couple clicks. Whether you just want a backup of your saves, or you are building a new computer, is the tool you need to ensure you don't lose any progress in your games.

Some translations are taking longer than expected to finish. They will be included when they are completed, and will be available via the updater.

Redesigned the Backup and Restore lists. Displayed columns can be configured through right clicking on the column headers. By default, Name and Data Path will be shown.

Context menus have arrived! They are available by right-clicking the Backup and Restore lists.

Added tooltips for entries with a note, unless you have the Note field enabled. The entries with a note available will be blue in the list. Hover over them to see it.

Adding items to the Ignore List through it's window will remove detected entries on the main list. This copies the behavior of the new context menu option to ignore an entry.

A new updater has been created to allow for the updating of the database as well as translations.

Changed the Check for database update option to Check for updates.

Added an error log button to make viewing the error log easier.

Added a Supported Entries button. It will open your browser with a list of all supported games for the current database.

Changed language file version scheme. It now uses 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. All language files are currently at version 1. The version number will never reset, only increment. This change will make updating them less confusing (for the translator).
Reworked the reg/green translation version area. All language files have a value (completely hidden to the user) that specifies what version of SGB they are designed to work with. If the version you are running matches the version in the language file, the text will be green. Otherwise red. They may or may not still work, however.

When changing languages (or updating language files), the window will now retain it's old dimensions if possible.

Custom entries now use XML instead of SQLite. You will need to recreate your entries (I will try to do this as little as possible!).

Custom Entries forms (Add/Edit) have been consolidated into one form (text will be changed appropriately).

Double clicking a custom entry in the Custom Entry window will open the custom entry edit window.

Allow custom entries to have a colon in the Name field.

Added logic to the ignore list buttons.

All forms have seen UI changes. Some major, some minor.

Updated SQLite library.
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