Calibre 0.8.14

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calibre is a free and open source e-book library management application developed by users of e-books for users of e-books.

New Features
Make the keyboard shortcuts used by the main calibre interface user customizable, via Preferences->Advanced->Keyboard
When switching libraries, if the library no longer exists, give the user a chance to specify a new location for the library, in case it was moved, before forgetting it.
Closes tickets: 822018 [External link]
Template language: Add strcat and strlen builtin functions.
Closes tickets: 821935 [External link]

Bug Fixes
The various options to control how automerging works when adding books now also apply when copying a book from one library to another.
Closes tickets: 822033 [External link]
Ebook viewer: Respond to key presses even when the book display area does not have keyboard focus
Allow integer and float column values to go to -999999. -1000000 is the value of 'undefined'.
Closes tickets: 821941 [External link]
Fix in calibre browser not working for the Open books store in Get Books.
Closes tickets: 822359 [External link]
Fix regression in 0.8.13 that caused incorrect title/author for downloaded news if you turned off reading metadata from file contents in Preferences->Adding books
Save to disk: When saving to a single directory, handle the case of the save to disk template containing path separators inside template expression correctly.
Closes tickets: 821912 [External link]
Get Books: Always read metadata from the file contents, ignoring the setting in Preferences->Adding books
Fix merge_metadata to not overwrite non-text fields ('bool', 'int', 'float', 'rating', 'datetime') that have a value of zero/false instead of None.
Closes tickets: 821665 [External link]

New news sources
Novinite by Martin Tsanchev
Blog Escrevinhador by Diniz Bortolotto

Improved news sources
The Independent
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