Calibre 0.8.16

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calibre is a free and open source e-book library management application developed by users of e-books for users of e-books.


New Features
News download: Add algorithms to automatically clean up downloaded HTML
Use the algorithms from the Readability project to automatically cleanup downloaded HTML. You can turn this on in your own recipes by adding auto_cleanup=True to the recipe. It is turned on by default for basic recipes created via the GUI. This makes it a little easier to develop recipes for beginners.
Add an option to Preferences->Look and Feel->Cover Browser to show the cover browser full screen. When showing the cover browser in a separate window, you can make it fullscreen by pressing the F11 key.
Closes tickets: 829855 [External link]
Show the languages currently used at the top of the drop down list of languages
When automatically computing author sort from author's name, if the name contains certain words like Inc., Company, Team, etc. use the author name as the sort string directly. The list of such words can be controlled via Preferences->Tweaks.
Closes tickets: 797895 [External link]
Add a search for individual tweaks to Preferences->Tweaks
Drivers for a few new android phones

Bug Fixes
Fix line unwrapping algorithms to account for some central European characters as well.
Closes tickets: 822744 [External link]
Switch to using more modern language names/translations from the iso-codes package
Allow cases insensitive entering of language names for convenience.
Closes tickets: 832761 [External link]
When adding a text indent to paragraphs as part of the remove spacing between paragraphs transformation, do not add an indent to paragraphs that are directly centered or right aligned.
Closes tickets: 830439 [External link]
Conversion pipeline: More robust handling of case insensitive tag and class css selectors
MOBI Output: Add support for the start attribute on
    When adding books that have no language specified, do not automatically set the language to calibre's interface language.
    Closes tickets: 830092 [External link]
    Fix use of tag browser to search for languages when calibre is translated to a non English language
    Closes tickets: 830078 [External link]
    When downloading news, set the language field correctly
    Fix languages field in the Edit metadata dialog too wide
    Closes tickets: 829912 [External link]
    Fix setting of languages that have commas in their names broken
    FB2 Input: When convert FB2 files, read the cover from the FB2 file correctly.
    Closes tickets: 829240 [External link]

    New news sources
    CBN News and Fairbanks Daily by by Roger
    Hacker News by Tom Scholl
    Various Turkish news sources by thomass
    Cvece Zla by Darko Miletic
    Various Polish news sources by fenuks
    Fluter by Armin Geller
    Brasil de Fato by Alex Mitrani

    Improved news sources
    Financial Times UK
    MSDN Magazine
    Houston Chronicle
    Harvard Business Review
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